Judas Iscariot in Jubilee

Judas was a patriot who, although at first a fervent disciple of the Messiah, finally betrayed him because Jesus refused to lead a revolutionary movement to liberate the Jewish people from the yoke of Rome. After the death of Christ, Judas was very ambitious to make himself a leader but then recognized the greatness of Jesus after the dream of the one eyed antelope. He later commits suicide mistaking a pile of rocks to be water after smoking whittle grass mixture.

~digi truth

Thie ukarue ngui ino.

Digii kihiiii

Kihii gikí

:D:D:DWanaruona big chief Ghaseer


what did you smoke?

Digi form ni gani siku hizi uliacha kupost thread ya zile chakula za budget ya ma governor?

Alialikwa workshop kama waiter wa mashakula

:D:Damepigwa sweep na economy siku hizi hukuwa Sonford around 2:30pm. Jibu mashtaka Digi

 :D:D:Dactually there is nothing wrong with sonford, cut the coat according to your size. They have a good business model

Digi ng’etet

Jesus fucked judas big time… Alimchoresha amuuze apate tu ka beating kiasi but things escalated and the hippie was turned into a scarecrow, Judas akablamiwa ati aliuza beshte yake.

Digii kihiiiiiiii