Ask me anything you want to know about my wonderful religion

Do you consume babies ?

Do you guys do birth control

What do you know about NBA All-Star weekend!!?

Do you drink water?

Is your God Judah

What is the teaching of Kabbalah?

Why don’t you believe in the Messiah?

Huyu @Starscream ni kama night Walker ama soja wa usiku. He comes here from midnight hadi asubuhi.

do you hail satan?

Can you go to hell for heaven’s sake??

Judah was the son of Jacob and Leah and the founder of the tribe of Judah, he is not God

We don’t believe in hell

That meme was funny but no we dont hail satan

I often have crippling insomnia

Our Messiah hasn’t yet arrived, you see in Judaism for one to be hailed as the Messiah certain criteria have to be met and unfortunately Jesus didn’t meet that criteria

Najua ni team Lebron vs team Curry na wako na dunking contest

Its an ancient spiritual wisdom that empowers people to improve their lives, its not really Judaism but one of those new belief systems like transcendental meditation

No we don’t why would you ask that?

Some groups like the reform and liberal jews allow it others like the orthodox are more restrictive