Jubilidiots and Thurakus this is a beauty. Absolutely magnifico.

Mnaendelea kula ujeuri wenu. Firweni kabisa.


Wewe haufirwi? Nyinyi ndio owners of capital?

That law is unconstitutional if I could file a case in high court it will be thrown out. On ground there was no public participation. Gava ikiargue there was we will tell them the government gave an order no crowd was allowed due to Corona virus.

Fck this. Who the Fck comes up with these stupid laws??

Sipendi ruto lakini , Uhuru is alledgedly very corrupt…vile alikataa auditor general aende NewYork kufuata pesa ya eurobond , i just knew he was hiding something…

OK. Why am I tagged here?

I spent an entire hour going through Jacob juma tweets amd it seems like dude was kind of a prophet

We are not dairy producers where I come from.

So where you come from, hamjafirwa in any other way?

Unless you’re a Kenyatta, Moi and 10 other slave owner families… You’re getting it from Jubilee.

How is this law not affecting you?

Now the question is, does the government have the capacity to enforce this law on more than 2 million people?