Sonko 5 tena… Best gavana in Kenya… He can relax and enjoy himself

This guy is either a kid or suffers from some mental illness

Stuck idiots with miserable lifes wamejazana pale twitter hating on someone who is living his best life…

He was ranked the second best performing governor

Sasa wale waliamka 4 wanaskia aje

So what does that say about his voters?

Majority of Nairobians love the guy and are going to give him 5 years.

Mentally challenged too

nairobi finnest. watu wa Nairobi mpo ?

when you know majority of your voters are under 24yrs old

Wakamba wakipata pesa

Where is it written that a man can’t enjoy himself? Ma-nongwe!!

The mentally deficient have a right too. But they should not lead cities


Peasantism ndio imekuadhiri you can’t see any faults if someone has a few cents to their name. One day you’ll mature and realize there is more too life than just having money. Hujafika hiyo level bado.

A statesman once said,“Money is a stupid measure of achievement but unfortunately it is the only universal measure that we have”

Hehehe… i was expecting this kind of response you is the busy bodies on Twitter who want to dictate how ppl live thier lives. The ppl who elected him new he had a color personality yet stuck up assholes like you now want him to change! On bn a peasant you are yet to see me in your wife’s kitchen asking for food.

Like the collective Nairobians that voted for him as governor. He’s a reflection of them and their aspirations.