Jubilee waichukue Kenya yetu waireverse 5 years mahali waliipata na watoroke coz Mimi other than corruption n strikes hakuna kitu nmeona from them.nani ananiback up?


Shemale flow of words. hapo akuna pink handle

Tell mi if corruption n strikes has not been a stubblng block to this country.n give mi a % probability of this Kenya moving to the next level

I hereby object, your honour, is Joshua the answer?? like really…

Wacha tuende na joshua tukakunywe changaa huko canaan shemale.

#Babapima land of changaa na busaa

I don’t know what stubble’s but I know that…let’s see; Kenya moves 2,592,000 km per day…that’s 946,080,000 per year… how many kilometers is “next level”? Anyway I guarantee 100% that we’ll move AT LEAST 4,730,400,000 km in the next five years. At least…

Hapa wanajulikana kama tumbilee na tumbilidiots. Usifanye makosa next time uandike hiyo upus umeweka kwa heading.

Ama RWNEBP cc @Wakanyama


Waende ichaweri


Hiyo statement in short just say #UOTP.

Jubilee came to power without your vote, Approval or support, Why do you think that we require the same for re-election???

we took power from Joshua Waiganjo , akae kando aendelee kulia.

effdens from this imech suggests luhyalitis

Tusafishe mecho madam. Monday blues zinamaliza sisi.

Niaje mujamaa wa Shalimar flowers

Hapo ni kuchafuliwa mecho

Mzuri sana momo ya wakanyama…my love to your weight is like neighbors dog…I can live without it but I can’t do away with it…