Jubilee wars

Wsr wins the first, l pray for him to win all the way, konyagi n conman have impoverished me.


Fattening a pig for slaughter

But reality on the ground is no one wants to be associated with Jubilee in 2022.Forget all these “wars” …even Ruto doesnt want that sinking ship…no party has improveshied Kenyans like Jubilee party.

Of course WsR doesn’t want jubilee,but he has to pretend he wants it to keep home guards and fossils busy.the fossils will take up the fight for jubilee ownership with a lot of gusto and win.they’ll think they’ve won but that’s when watajua hawajui.WsR in a new outfit,will politically destroy anybody associated with jubilee after he leaves.

Exactly. Ruto anacheza long game. Watajua hawajui.

It pains me seeing men cheering for a man who will screw them without lube. Nyinyi ndio the reason why Kenya will be shithole to 3099.

Let me remind everyone what I said before 2017 elections. Jubilee Party is DP Uncle Ruto creation funded by President Uhuru. In 2015, he sold the idea to Uhuru and Mama Ngina that a united party will win in 2017 not a coalition of parties. The individuals who registered JP party, got the certificate and party instruments are all DP Uncle Ruto men. It wasn’t just about winning 2017 but using the same platform to win 2022. Mkitaka Jubilee Party certificate enda Sugoi. My friend people are catching up to some facts 5 years late. Most importantly JP constitution as presented to Political Parties register on it formation in 2015 has set the party organs to run the Party not individuals. Not the Party leader or Deputy Party leader. The Party leaders calls the NEC, NDC etc organs to meet but they must agree by majority to pass any resolution. No one man show. Let that sink in. Its not just that ownership of party is in Sugoi but he has entrenched himself to all elected and party officials.

Now recent case, this is Tuju last act as SG of JP Party, President Uhuru can’t save him against the rest of the whole party because he himself is also not at the best position. The soar thump has to go for this forgery and sneaking of changes. Lastly all acting JP Party terms expired in March 2020. That’s why they were in a hurry to make this fake changes. No backdoor anymore. After corona pandemic we go for grassroots elections up to national officials. The start point is President Uhuru calling for NEC or NMC and both need majority agreement to pass resolution. So far anything beyond 7 people of this conmen, fraudsters and rejects can’t succeed. Any first meeting of the party is the last for this ex-officials.

Fake minutes on the changes
JP members uproar on the same forced Political Register to pretend they didn’t get the fake letter and minutes from tuju. When they were asked how come then they submitted the gazette notice if they didn’t caused a panic in that office. The fake minutes and letter copies were already at DP office.
The real party owners response.
Finally no more lies. Political Parties register owned up they got the fake letter and minutes and rejected the changes based on objection of members. They also point out its wasn’t properly done accordance to Jubilee Party constitution, structures and authority.

Now you understand why the drunk muraithe, the obese loudmouth atwoli and RAT were in Kajiado panic meeting. They realized nobody has original Jubilee Party documents. They called the registered founding members of the Party who all turned up to be DP Uncle Ruto men and they told them its with him. Anything on the Party must be negotiated with him.

Some people never learn, orange movement in 2005 had DP Uncle Ruto, President Uhuru and RAT together to defeat banana on the constitution changes by President Kibaki. RAT later took that name to start odm. Unfortunately watermelon beat him to it in registering ODM in 2006. After a year of fighting at register of parties RAT lost and formed odm Kenya. In 2011 they reconciled to form cord and the sweetener was the original ODM certificate and registered members gave it back to RAT for picking watermelon as his running mate.

Chess not checkers.

Uhuru is just tolerating Ruto. By 2022, Ruto will be doing what he is told to do. A time is coming when WSR will be jumping from one court of law to amother.
What Ruto needs to do this early, is to make sure that , all cases against him are concluded.

If they edge him out, he can form his own party

Why should he tolerate Ruto? who the hell is he? we elected them as a pair…shindwe shetani …Uhuru is the President. Ruto is the Deputy. So quite why Uhuru thinks he now owns all of us is beyond me.

In Summary
[li]Ruto is not a party leader or a parliamentary leader[/li][li]This obsession the Deputy President has with leading Kenya in 2022 should be put on hold[/li][/ul]
Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu spoke to the Star

If Deputy President William Ruto believes that he controls 70 percent of elected Jubilee legislators both in the Senate and the National Assembly, he should know that he is hallucinating. That figure is an estimate that the Deputy President just wants to believe that it reflects his support in Parliament but in reality, it is far away from the truth.
First of all, the Deputy President does not have the platform to control legislators either at the Senate or the National Assembly. Ruto is not a party leader or a parliamentary leader. We know who the party leader of the ruling Jubilee is. We also know who the leaders of the other parties represented in Parliament are. We also know who the majority leaders and minority leaders in Parliament are. Ruto is none of them. So to say that he controls that percentage of MPs in Parliament basing it on the number of MPs who have protested against changes in Jubilee officials would be misleading.
The Deputy President should also remember that at the moment, all national leaders are trying to figure out how to help Kenyans fight for their lives and well-being. Nobody is interested in engaging in politics at this time. The head of the World Health Organisation has even said that leaders must wake up to the coronavirus pandemic. Kenya, like many other countries in Africa has vulnerable communities. Natiaonal leaders should, therefore, be working around the clock, putting together whatever resources they can get their hands on to prevent further spread of the disease.
Whatever influence Ruto has, he should use it to help Kenyans and Kenya. He should play a critical role in helping the country through the Covid-19 pandemic. This obsession the Deputy President has with leading Kenya in 2022 should be put on hold because there are currently more pressing issues that leaders need to look into.
All his energies should be directed to the fight against the pandemic and not the 2022 succession politics. Ruto should do whatever he can to ensure that there is a Kenya and Kenyans to lead come 2022.

Bring it on. We have been hearing this old tired song. 2020 is done and dusted due to corona. We are now in 2021 and next year is elections. We going to be campaigning… You can keep on singing as usual

Uhuru is the man with the instruments of power.

Regardless…most of Cendro stands with Ruto.

Interesting that you don’t see WSR’s hand in your suffering.

Primary root cause of Kenya’s problems is the kenyatta family starting from the old geezer even b 4 moi.
He changed katiba n demonized o o n team who fighting for the common mwanainchi.
Konyagi has done the same- look 4 the historical you tube videos to understand


Bloody mungiki bastards and their god aka uthamaki one day will perish they consume even children like pagans.

All these under konyagi n family that has impoverished kenyans.