Jubilee vs CCP

This is China communist party that Jubilee has been carrying out bench-marking


Na pia mtu akipatwa na corruption charge huko china ananyongwa. Hapa corrupt individuals are give higher offices to cover their corrupt asses.

Hawatoshi mboga if the CCP does not have engineers of corruption, scandal, white smoke, white elephant, smoking guns and a whole course on Sonkoism. Tuko mbele.

Huko mtu kama Ferdinand waititu makanga could only qualify as a rapee, and Boniface Mwangi as his cleaner

Hu Jintao?congrats,you can’t read. The guy retired in 2013. As I keep on saying, big mouth, small brain (its even written 2010,showing inability to apply little remaining grey matter).
Ile squad ya kulialia kujeni mnaitwa.No wonder bingwa huwaita wajinga.
Hint: if you wanted it to be relevant,letter standing committee ya 2018.