Jubilee should close shop.

In all honesty , its a high time jubilee party closed shop. Ruto should start building his own outfit for 2022 now. the Mt. Kenya region on the other hand should have a party or parties that will negotiate for half of the Government, either through the Presidency or Deputy Presidency post 2022.
Anyone seeking Mt. Kenya region votes should come and negotiate on 50/50 basis, and nothing less. approaching the next elections under the same umbrella with Ruto will only short change the region. We have the numbers to force any serious Presidential candidate to the table. So, Kimani Ichungwa, Moses Kuria , Ndindi Nyoro, @Motokubwa and the rest should spare us BS.

wewe ni mkikuyu? :D:D:D:D

Wakikuyu kazi yao ni kukunywa pombe na wanawake wao kuzaa nje halafu wanauwa mabwana. I think Kalenjins and even somalis now outnumber Kikuyus 6,879 to one. :D:D:D:

wouldn’t it be prudent to stay away from the presidency or the deputy position, uhuruto might actually do more for nyanza and western than central or rift valley by the end of their term.

uko na kuma nikuzalishe ujue bado tunazalisha? Hubwer

Kikuyu elites are advising their Kikuyu minions to breed like rats…:D:D:D… That’s the only way they can maintain power… This directive, ukiifikiria, indicates that maybe, just maybe, the numbers are not as sufficient as they would hope…

As I usually say, the data on servers for 2017 elections would prove interesting…

Kikuyu elites know something that their thurakus do not… In the end, every dog has its day; I think the Kikuyu’s day is winding down., Time for a new dog to have its day

Acha exaggeration omwami. :D:D:D:D

whatever the case, we aren’t approaching 2022 in the same outfit with Ruto. Let ruto come snd tell us how he will share the Government with us. So as, when voting for him, we know our half.
Same thing should apply , when he goes to western Kenya and Northeastern. Akifanya hiyo hesabu, the only option rhe will have is to support the referendum. .

Hakuna mtu atatutisha. The only path to state house is via cendro, hiyo ni kitu inajulikana. Moi with all that absolute power he had failed to dislodge Kyuks from Rift Valley, nani atatoboa hii 21st century? Mwenye kutaka kura lazima aombe kwa unyenyekevu, vitisho will not cut it.

hakuna mambo na vitisho ni deni ilipwe

violenc will only work against them.

ruto was paid to support Uhuru, and the numerous land cases facing him prior to 2012 elections were terminated. he had his 1/2 of government to. wacha atulize.

Ndio ilipwe lakini deal iwe ile ile. If mungikis are not guaranteed half of Ruto’s government then ajipange. Yeye amekula nusu mkate bila kusumbuliwa, kwa hivyo kama ni kugawa agawe nusu yake.

Mimi naomba Gidi akipata kazi

mngesema hivo 2013,raundi hakuna kuruka,kama mbaya mbaya,mimi sipendi watu hawaweki promise

that have been the argument all along, all the players in Mt. Kenya form parties, then Ruto aseme vile tuna share, anything else ni yake. I don’t know people like Ichungwa, Nyoro, Kuria and Kangata keep on pushing him down our throats ?

2012 R.V , which is Ruto stronghold voted for Uhuru, because their man was assured of 1/2 the government. what’s wrong with us been assured of the same?

na kwani amekataa?

it’s the way you behave like it’s a must. You have to understand negations can go either way. we agree, we vote for him, we don’t agree, we look for somebody else.

Baba Abby better negotiate with the kikuyus polepole ,hii watu yake ya mkono are making things difficult for him,akicheza hio helicopter yake can develop "mechanical problem’ akiwa on his tanga tanga trips ,Hawa mount Kenya “businessmen” apana watu wa kuchezea, ata baba giddy didn’t fight them head on ,juu anajua their potential,loot all atengeneze a good deal for mount Kenya and he comes president but he better not try something stupid na atajipata Siberia as abest case scenario

Spot on