Jubilee Shoudl Focus on The Metre Gauge Railway

UhuRuto with their inability to do a cost benefit-analysis of their projects, jumped in the expensive SGR instead of upgrading the metre gauge railway. It would not only have been cheaper, but we would have completed the thing to Kisumu by now. Furthermore, Uganda is pulling out of SGR and is going to concentrate on the Metre Gauge. It would make sense if we were to abandon the SGR Phase 2B+, and go back to the Old Railway for goods heading past Naivasha. In my opinion, it would be cheaper if we did that than going ahead with 2B+ without Uganda’s involvement.

Hii debate ya SGR tutafanya mara ngapi, go over to the mega thread in skyscraper city and read everything there. It has explained everything you need to know about the project.

Metre gauge can’t haul double stacked cargo at sufficient speeds hence it’s unfeasible for long distances.

We would have upgraded the Metre Gauge to Standard gauge. As it is now, where are you going to take the cargo Uganda is thinking of working on the Metre Gauge? Very soon, we’ll here that Uganda has diverted to Tanzania.

Just like the laptop project, we debated this SGR issue ad nauseum and we were called negativos.

Meanwhile for UhuRuto, especially Lootoh, it was a way to enrich himself at the cost of wanainchi. It was never really meant to benefit the common man.

That’s why I shake my head in disbelief at those that still condone the thought of having Loot-all as PORK. One must be demented in their thought process to even entertain such a thought. But anyway, that’s Kenya for you.

Shoot first then aim later.

Kenya tries too hard to accommodate it’s neighbours and ends up royally screwed.

You can’t upgrade it to SGR, that’s why the SGR is on a raised platform. Tutasema Mara ngapi? Just go over the SGR threads in this website and then come back and debate.

Problem with taking engineering advice from David Ndii.
You think a railway is just expanding the rail track?

There is the raised base, there is a maximum angle of elevation required to maintain a certain speed. There is the maximum turn angles required for the same. To maintain this elevation and turning curves, you’ll need bridges and tunnels.
There is signalling, stations, locomotives… etc.

Even without engaging a lot of my common senses, I can already see that ‘upgrading’ the old railway would simply be building a new one, with the added cost of demolishing the old one.

Why are you pretending to speak on behalf of Uganda?
Isn’t Tanzania also building an SGR? So Uganda will ‘upgrade’ their metre gauge, to join Tanzania’s SGR, but not Kenyas?

Tanzania is building a metre gauge?

Some are already calling him future PORK, we really have stupid simple minds kwa hii nchi, maybe we deserve the poverty

they are also building one, though at a cheaper cost, but that’s another white elephant.to some ghost town

@spear ukiskia msee aki denigrate serikali si unapatwa nakisukari?

Methinks @spear haumii…a guys just doing a job. The other day he talked of laughing out aloud with friend while posting chupi-lee tefelopment posts.
@spear keep up the good work… The gravy train inaweza derail

Was Ruto in charge of SGR? How people want to connect all Jubilee failures to ruto baffles me. This is Uhurus pet project.

Boss,you know why they sold themselves as UhuRuto? These two are joined at the hip till 2022 and any failure and or success is theirs…

These 2 are one and the same thing, power sharing 50/50.

Welcome to politics, everything wrong in this country will be blamed on ruto and kales from onwards. Don’t listen to them they are never sincere. I will vote for ruto as payment for ujeuri wenu, kibaki meant well for us but they sabotaged him with dirty divisive politics.

We need the SGR. The only thing I dislike is the greed of Kenya land owners who take this opportunity to demand compensation of their lands at double or triple it’s value.
I know I know Kenyan landowners are just doing what our Mpigs taught them. Mpigs made greed into a national habit.

true, he has his issues, lakini some people just want to cleanse their person by putting all the blame on the other - its like the parent who is told their kid is a thief but they don’t want to believe and blame the kids friends.
We have one president and he is mandated to sign bills into law, sing loan and trade agreements and such, how the deputy comes in sijui.

I know it has been debated before, and numerous times - but SGR is just the spacing of the rails, even the old line would have been converted to sgr by altering the spacing of the rails.

The raised platform has its reason, and so are the bridges, but I think it is possible to turn the old line into an SGR.