Jubilee Reforms - All expatriates have 60 days to renew work papers



Expatriates get 60 days to renew work papers
TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2018 7:02
A Sample of of Foreigners Work permit. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL | NMG

Expatriates working in Kenya have 60 days to update their details with the Ministry of Interior as the government intensifies its crackdown on foreigners working in the country illegally. The ministry’s Department of Immigration Services Monday begun the exercise also meant to weed out foreigners holding jobs that can be done by locals. The ministry now requires expatriates to verify their details at Nyayo House using valid work permit, an official endorsement on the passport, Alien ID and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN. Those that fail to do so face a jail term.

“The verification exercise, which will be ongoing for the next 60 days, shall be used to rid the country of illegal and undocumented workers by according them an opportunity to standardize their papers. Those who fail to do so within this period will be jailed,” said Interior secretary Fred Matiang’i, adding that the government remains committed to ensuring that the highest immigration standards are enforced in order to safeguard the interest of Kenyans against foreign workers operating in the country illegally.

The ministry is also preparing to issue foreigners with foolproof electronic cards as work permits to reduce the paperwork and to improve efficiency. The new system will also provide the Immigration Department with the necessary statistics on the number and categories of permits issued to foreigners working locally.

Deloitte East Africa Tax Partner Fred Omondi said the latest move is the first in a series of anticipated crackdowns on undocumented foreign workers. “We anticipate the introduction of a quota system in the issuance of work permits and possibly an introduction of annual immigration audits to identify any undocumented or improperly documented foreigners working in Kenya,” said Mr Omondi.

“The verification process will mean that expatriates working in Kenya should ensure they have the proper work documents, and would be viewed as a measure to mitigate the misuse of business visas as work authorisation documents. As such, we anticipate that the duration of business visas (90 days) may be restricted to a shorter period,” the Interior ministry said.

Official data indicates that the Immigration Department issued 8,366 new permits last year, up from 5,851 in 2016 and 7,683 in 2015 and 11,360 in 2012 when the tough regulations were introduced. Kenya in 2012 shut the door on foreigners seeking permits for jobs that pay less than $2,000 (Sh206,000) per month or Sh2.74 million per year

Kudos Matiang’i

Officers pale immigration after kuskia hii[ATTACH=full]171811[/ATTACH]

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The biggest target are that group. Funded by the deep state to travel here on tourist visa then become embedded in NGOs and activists programs under the table. They then implement covert programs for their masters. Sasa all these organizations will have their personnel vetted. Next is businesses and lastly idlers.

Long overdue, the development sector needs serious vetting.

Ata hapa kwetu mnafaa mje haraka.Manaija,UG,TZ and RW guys wanapandishwa tu cheo sisi tuna resign kwa sababu cheo inamaanisha mshahara mob,they go for foreigners coz their home firms caters for the guys salos.sijui nimesema nini?

He he. .inaitwa development sector Siku hizi, eh?

Hapo ndio wapi sasa @Kimakia ngui…

unataka ni brooow cover.Seriously I don’t know why people say in Kenya we have cheap labor.Guys here chose to be paid few ks less than in their than go back to their country…not that the pay is thaaaat measly but if it was a Kenyan going for the said positions he\she would ask for more

Sikuelewi, but tukiendelea, East African members sidhani watasumbuliwa, kwanza those in the private/NGOs, the law allows them to work here…

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Naeza chomea hawa machingu wamejaa huku job kwetu? I know for a fact they don’t have work permits, they have been processing for the last six months.

Mimi kuna watchman ka mtanzania huwa kana nisumbua sana, sijui nikaseti pia

What you mean is that foreigners get promotions because they won’t demand a high pay. And locals miss the opportunity because they will demand more. To me it simply means locals should accept forces of demand and supply, we can’t live in isolation. And why does the firm not relocate to those countries with cheap labour?

Its a global firm.Policies

Lakini wewe kwani una ubaradhuli,you mean you would compromise on your worth to be retained as an employee.Those who resign get better jobs…