Jubilee Party KANU coalition Agreement

It is done and dusted illegally and in quarantine . Lets wait for unveiling of majority Leader Gideon Moi tomorrow @spear @sani

ata ivo mmi huwa sitambui @spear usiwahi nitag na yeye.

I thought uhuru is stull chairman original kanu

Moi mentioned previously KANU will rule for the next 100 years , he was right you know

itabidi turudi nyumbani kwa baba kanu

KANU 2.0 and KANU 1.0 reunite.

RIP Kenya

Na walisema wasiitwe dynasties.


Mzee has always been in power

Waendelee tu

Bila lube mpaka mkenya atoe meffi kwa akili.

I have a strong feeling of dislike for Mois. If Im told to choose between a donkey and moi, I’d always choose a donkey. Ubwa wao. The country has lost more than 200 people in floods, but th fuckers are more interested in 2022 politics. I wish they’d ‘burn their stomachs while sleeping’.

Looks like loot all ana kanya gishwa nje…

Meeting is over. When are the big changes going to be announced ama there is another meeting for that. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Changes already made.

KANU will rule for 100 years. The old man is smiling in his grave.


The fact is that Uhuru and Ruto are already done politically and are on war path @spear this is clear. We need to acknowledge this

I see you haven’t learned anything yet.

You re in the denial stage:D:D:D penda sana