Jubilee Party is complete

The instruments of Jubilee Party were today handed to President Uhuru as party leader and DP Ruto as deputy party leader by the co-chairs of the party. Now we await the launch.

Who elected them party leaders?

This is like asking who elected your father to be head of the house

No it’s not the same

:D:D:D:D ungekuwa hapa ungepewa kwa bill ya chairman

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Wooi Cord talkers will have it rough if JAP brigade akina @Wooi na wengineo watakuwa wanachomoka from the woodworks Na kutupa jabs kaa hizi Na kurudi touchline.

Meanwhile, CORD’s disintegration continues unabated.

Kisii Senator Chris Obure has accused Cord leader Raila Odinga and opposition leadership for neglecting Kisii region and failing to champion development in the area.

[B]Speaking in Nairobi on Friday, Obure said Kisii leaders decided to meet President Uhuru Kenyatta and Mr Ruto after ODM failed to champion development in Kisii.

“It is a fact that the Cord leadership has taken too long to listen to us. That is why we have decided to work with the government to realise development, especially in infrastructure, in Kisii,” said Obure.

Obure denied claims that they have joined Jubilee and insisted their meeting with the president only discussed development issues.

However, Obure who is the chairman of the region’s ODM affiliate parties said they will not hesitate to defect if people demand it.[/B]

"As things stand now, we are still in our respective parties. But later, if the people of Kisii ask us to move, we will have no choice but do so,” said Obure.

The president and his deputy meet Obure, Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi, and other eight MPs from the region. Former Constitution Implementation Commission chairman Charles Nyachae was also present.


‘They have even roped in the pope’

Complete or Finished? Where I come from they Kinda mean the same thing.

You know the drill, hao pia itasemekana wamelipwa. Opposition see development as an irritation that causes babuon to lose votes since that area has never been in his agenda.


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Relaks Jatelo, na uchunge vile unamuita baba.

The party does not have members so these are interim leaders

The timing is calculated. CORD captain will be launching his next month

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto on Tuesday set the agenda for the Jubilee Party, which they plan to use to seek re-election in next year’s polls.

President Kenyatta announced that the party would be formally launched during a national convention on September 9-10.

Affiliate parties will be wound up on September 8 at simultaneous conventions to formalise resolutions to fold their entities and join the new outfit.

President Kenyatta also announced that the new party’s primaries will be conducted by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission for transparency and fairness.

He said there are no preferred candidates for any elective post.

“Nobody should stand and say I have been sent by the President, I have been sent by Deputy President…we shall work with those [whom] people have chosen,” he said on Tuesday at State House in Nairobi.

He said he is staking his legacy on political unity and forming a strong political movement that will unite Kenyans.

I didn’t know that State house is the new headquarters for JAP

It is, even the kanu-ndp merger was agreed here and the grand coalition agreement. Jubilee has gone further than that by providing photos and videos of the same like in the one below when Narok and Laikipia leaders decided to visit the president and declare they are officially joining Jubilee Party.