Whoever advises Raila should be cursed and castrated whatever tactics Jubilee are doing to Baba makes Game of Thrones Red Wedding seem like a Telitubies Show.Try searching Uhuru Kenyatta ,Maize, Raila Odinga , Mudavadi using Google and check the first ad links posted.RWNBP…


Where was this hapa Kenya ama majuu, and why the scrabs

Hohoho…chico got him right back…


Saw this kwa news jana, 36 bloggers hawataki jokes , he he they have their thinking caps on

I think ni hapa coz Damian was to come to Kenya

this election will be battled in the internet Sphere

1 accent ya thus guy na
2 scrubs kwa airport .
Anyway let me not judge


36 bloggers led by Robert Alai

sielewi kwanini ana vaa scrubs




Chico Lawi is an idiot, period. One would expect that being in super sport might have “polished” him but there is that saying about villager and village.

Lawi is just keepin it real… I would have given damien the middle finger too even though i love the bredren to death… He is an idol in many peoplz eyez… And when he comes to the motherland as he puts it in his songz… He best ne ready to spread the love… I dont think his father would have turned down a fan asking for a once in a lifetime moment… Hata kama he was not to smile… Rasta spreads love… So fuck damian… Hohohoho… Lawi was just keepin it OG… Just made me admire the guy more…

Chico needs to grow up.