If Uhuru had been having regular meetings with MPs from his strongholds, 9 out of the 13 from his home county would not be supporting Ruto, the man he hates. Some complain he does not know their names. You wonder what value proposition, Jubilee is offering in the merger with ODM

Raila Mojinga is being taken for a ride

Atajua hajui

Very true. It will be noisy and messy

Kwanza noma kushinda ile ya Weta

I think Uhuru knows he has no legacy and he is exiting with nothing to loose.he activated the self destruct mode in jubilee.akina tuju,murathe,ngunjiri are confused ata wajui wafanye nini

Uhuru is offering the so called Deep state machinery which Railas Brother famously Claimed that it had been preventing them from winning elections. So this time round Raila akinyoroshwa hatakua na any excuse.