Jubilee Kwisha - UhuRuto split as its confirmed President Uhuru ignores DP Uncle Ruto

You have been fed lies, gossip and innuendo that UhuRuto have split, don’t meet, don’t talk, don’t have a working relationship anymore. Well today’s church events and meetings continues to show the fallacy of opposition politics. Chess not checkers. Well played UhuRuto. RAT existence going forward is determined by President Uhuru. Kitaeleweka.

Two things went extremely well this week.
DP Uncle Ruto address to the nation.
He revealed their is no agreement for President Uhuru to support his candidature in 2022. However their is an agreement that he will back the Jubilee candidate. What President Uhuru said about yake 10 yrs na DP Uncle Ruto yake 10 yrs was a promise he made on his own publicly without being prompted. Lastly we now know the full members of the cabal. Remnants of the disbanded kitaeleweka, add odm to make up handcheque team. Just like before they will be history soon and back to retirement.
In the cabinet reshuffle most people didn’t realize CS Keter got his recommendation of of CS Betty Maina at Trade ministry. She is Kalenjin close to Keter family. When others try to mention DP Uncle Ruto was sidelined in the reshuffle with the sacking of Kiunjuri then missed this stealth appointment.

One things I always say, Kenyan politics are now very complicated just the way I like it. Simple minds will not know what will hit them. President Uhuru is fully incharge and playing real politics. Yesterday events showed another side of coin. President Uhuru directing Haji and BBI committee to make sure no one is excluded from BBI Rallies. The end result is that it can’t be used to divide people anymore.

Keep on spinning.

So in other words what you are confirming is,that you really need Uhuru on your side to win if he leaves kimeumana?!

Uhuru lazima na yeye atalia kiasi one day. Acheze easy.

Ruto appears to be cowardly. He doesn’t feel like he can get this seat on his own. And he is confusing his supporters with these mixed signals. Mara one foot is in govt. the other is out.

Ataanzwa kufananishwa na kalonzo akicheza. :D:D

Pettiness. Sasa 2-time runningmates wakisalimiana inakua big news.

It’s called tactical retreat. He knows how to play every macavelian trick in the book. He is fattening the bull for slaughter. The guy is a political genius in this land.

First meeting completed. UhuRuto have agreed on Jubilee Party meeting on BBI in Naivasha. All 200 MPs, governors, senators will attend. Its not a coincidence that DP Uncle Ruto complained on his address to the nation that the reason Jubilee has issues is because we have meet at all as a party since winning the elections. Two days later that meeting is on.


the devil is usually in the detail…notice how william is tagged at the end as an afterthought…two years ago he would have said " with my brother…"…today it’s a footnote, zero camaraderie…this marriage is dead bro…stop grasping at straws…and does it mean that uncle deepie so badly needs Uhuru to win? why do I sense desperation in your post[ATTACH=full]282794[/ATTACH]

Desperate peoples thread

Sorry handcheque team, today they were hoping for headlines of BBI rally where they have ring fenced the process as US vs Them. Division politics. I get your disappointment and frustration. Division politics has always failed and that is why RAT remains a bitter sour loser. With Tanga Tanga incorporated in BBI the narrative has shifted, you heard Sen. Murkomen talking about what benefits to mwananchi needs to be included in this talks. Not third tier regional government that RAT has promised this failed corrupt governors who pay him mini handcheque.


We now own the narrative.

No, politics inachezwa na guts. You don’t pull out … then come back…

Even when akina Kibaki and Matiba left Moi they didn’t leave then a few weeks later, come back and hold Moi’s hand. Kama ni kuenda ni uende kabisa and start a ruthless campaign.

Mind you Kibaki was also a Vice President when his marriage with Moi ended in 1988. And he was hounded out of office very aggressively. He left and he didn’t win immediately but one day in 2002 he finally won. But the point is he didn’t seat there hoping Moi’s heart will change.

I also think there are some games here. Why did Uhuru asks all the cabinet secretaries to keep of campaigns? And yesterday no cabinet secretary showed up in the BBI rally. Raila has also been insisting that Referendum must happen this year June. Why? Is he worried that something sinister is being cooked? What was the purpose of extending the BBI team of Haji to collect views again, when they had done. Is this deliberate attempt to delay and keep Raila busy as Uhuru completes his term. Only time will tell @spear

Ruto is reading from the Moi script. Moi behaved the same way with Jomo in the 70s. Wise leaders don’t have to act like kids who have been denied sweets in the supermarket. They just wait for their time while performing their current role effectively. That’s balls, disguised as calmness.

But that was a very different scenario, Moi wasn’t given the seat by Kenyatta! Kenyatta just died and the guy who happened to be standing next in line, took over!

We don’t know if Kenyatta had lived on what he was planning to do next. We will never know.

Moi was simply the beneficiary of being in the right place at the right time! Plus the katiba at that time supported a dictator de jure king. There were no elections back then to challenge a president so Moi was very lucky indeed.

And he wasn’t an elected president of the people he was an appointed dictator king like Kenyatta his predecessor .

Moi actually became an elected president in 1992 after stealing… :D:D

Back to Ruto, unless Gathecha drops down dead tomorrow whatever Ruto is trying is a gamble.

The timeline this year is packed with decisions, events and appointments that means government has to be working 24/7 united or the nation suffers more.

Let’s start with Finances. Treasury released its budget estimates for year 2021-2022 starting July this year. National budget remains 3 trillion of which KRA target remains 1.8 trillion. He has however slashed 100 billion government expenditure as austerity measure. Also new projects will need cabinet resolution as he will concentrate on ongoing projects. Pesa ya referendum isn’t there, earliest is 2022 concurrently with the general elections. The worst thing about the budge estimates is that domestic borrowing is going up not down. We will be broke this year as well.

IEBC will be reconstituted, DP Uncle Ruto doesn’t mind that, Jubilee elections expert Davis Chirchir remain the single source expert on that area and firmly under him. CJ Maraga retirement and dcj mwilu tribunal. General Mwatete retirement is already in motion with deputy set to replace him. Jubilee Party grassroots party officials elections. Then this BBI report in Parliament, Senate, referendum and finally the court challenges it faces. Mambo ziko mingi my friend, UhuRuto have a lot to decide.

Meanwhile let’s watch how handcheque team enjoys Mombasa county devolved funds.

Your alternative corrupt leaders

Team TangaTanga is now grasping at straws. Instead of looking at the situation from the context of whats been going on since 2018, jamaa anaona church visit where they are both together and saying “See! wako pamoja!”

Remember also here when I said its 1966 allover again? Post ndio hii:


Kamau Ngotho did a piece in Today’s paper that agrees with my post. Ndio hii (very interesting read if you like siasa):

I’m happy that at least for today events coincided to get our President to church not with madomoni in Mombasa drinking our taxes on an after party while Kongowea market burns and they don’t care. At least today on Sunday he is sober.

Then focus should shift from saving retirees politics to the locust, The worst in 70 years.

One question I didn’t answer was the banning of civil servants and CS’s from BBI nonsense. President Uhuru didn’t believe that power has gotten deep into his appointees at OP last year, this year its just revealing itself every day/week. President Uhuru says he has no problem with MM return. They pretend to follow that order and immigration even puts up the press brief that they will obey court order.
Kumbe CS Matiangi gives a red notice to all airlines and EU nations. The blow up goes directly to President Uhuru. He brashes that aside. BBI Kisii comes, OP spends 200 million with CS Matiangi next to RAT and the entire provincial administration there. The optics of that on live TV portrays a bad image that doesn’t go unnoticed. Gov. Waiguru gives direct promises on behalf of President Uhuru. Things not in her domain or responsibility. Worse it brings more unfortunate gossip in the first family that is unfortunate. She is warned not to repeat. However President Uhuru is due to fly out and its pit aside. President Uhuru gives 1 million to DP Uncle Ruto for the funeral of the mother to Rugathi in Nyeri. OP prefects give another 400000 from security operations account to an MP in the name of President Uhuru contribution. When she reads it out, it draws curious talks. DP sends congratulations to President Uhuru for both contributions. He calls to ask which ones? Then after the 400,000 is asked to be returned. The worst is Kakamega BBI rally. Our provincial administration and funding from OP takes government focus to there. Alshabab bomb USA base in Lamu. Instead of immediately redirecting all government machinery there, they continue with focus on the rally. President Uhuru now cuts their legs to size and reads the riot act. The usa ambassador acted fasted than his own government. They send troops from.Djibouti to Lamu faster than OP sents orders.


Odomers have put all their hopes on the fabled state machinery with uhuru. But at least this is keeping them off the street and the hardworking Kenyans can peacefully go about their business. At least until mganga call them in to continue the chorus of ‘kimeibiwo’ . Hopefully, they will have added a new stanza as the chorus has gotten too repetitively boring.