Jubilee kumeharibika - Ruto to part ways with Uhuru

Unfolding news

A mole has intimated to us that Dr William Ruto will resign as Deputy President and pursue his Presidential ambitions outside Jubilee.

More to follow…


It would be very dumb to make such a move when the election is 3+ years away. Uhuru can’t fire him because his office is guaranteed by the constitution. If he wants to leave, let it be 3 months to the general election.

Penda sana

Don’t get me get my champaign glass & pop a bottle…

uncle ruto akihama nahama,my party is uncle ruto

Aliambiwa kitambo sana.

How is that even possible…aren’t the two joined at the hip constitutionally? Would that mean he walks away with his half of cabinet secretaries? lawyers in the house help…kama ni vita then he should also try impeachment I believe he has the numbers…just needs to buy a few greedy odm members kwanza wale wa western na coast.

Cabinet secretaries ataachia Uhuru. His allies are not happy at all, and Uhuru doesn’t give a fuck.


Umekuwa kama @digi

Aka mr tin foil. Conspiracy ndo zao

Please Lord, let it be so.

Kenyan politics, based on greed and selfishness in every way

Hii daktari iko na chida. Uliza Mutesh atakueleza how slippery guys can get.

If Ruto resigns before 2022, I will personally come over and sack your wrinkly willy!

Anko Loot all atoke design ya mourinho watu tutaona real fight against corruption ikianza. Shida ni Kales… Polarization yao ni kama wildfire. Within a very short time kenya itakua ishachomeka.

Peleka ushoga mbali

I find it hard to fight this Kalenjin stereotype. Im biased coz I grew up during mo1 error. Lakini nionyeshe a saint kwa Hawa jamaa was loot-all.

Hizi siasa zachosha.
Zimefuruga maisha kabisa.