Jubilee Gov stronghold: Construction of Silibwet-Kiptagich-Olenguruone-Bombe-Mauche Road

The daily Jubilee development program continues at pace.

DP Ruto commissioned the construction of Silibwet-Kiptagich-Olenguruone-Bombe -Mauche road at Silibwet town, Bomet Central.


Good for them. I hope tutafikiwa na hiyo miradi pia. I’m not holding my breath though.

The increasing paranoid governor issac ruto didn’t show up despite the official invitation from DP Ruto. However the deputy governor was present and bomet cabinet despite them being sidelined recently.

For once this month am not angry for not seeing my fuel levy tax being put into development. It’s a constitutional right to have good tarmac roads with no potholes.

True the last few month Jubilee government has been on a roll. Projects after projects soon the backlog will be complete and other proposals can be done as well.

Commissioning of Bomet town street lighting to encourage 24 hrs economy to be complimented by enhanced 24/7 police patrols with the newly leased police vehicles.

Bomet gaa…and the other Chebole-Kapkatet on ongoing.They have touched the hearts of Bomet residents.Mambo ya IR kwisha

Meanwhile the last mile power connectivity is ongoing at rural Bomet. DP braved the rain to visit the families that benefited.

[B]William Samoei Ruto[/B] ‏@WilliamsRuto 15h15 hours ago
Enjoyed Mursik with mama Esther whose house was connected to electricity in a programme to light up rural areas



Jubilee iko locked. I see Kenya’s president of 2022. and also a bitter senior citizen in a Self improvised state house in rural city

heheheh, shinny eyes hapo kwa dirisha!

Na Baringo je? How is the reception today?

election ingekua every 2 years kenya would be very far ahead…

No, the country would be in constant elections mode. Then imagine the 1st years budget had already been set and passed by the previous administration

Sioni mbisha. Iko nini?

county gava yetu ilieka mastreet lights kadhaa,nothing to show for,majamaa wameng’oa masolar zote wakatoka mbio…saa unashangaa watu wengine wanafaa kupewa taa ama risasi

He he …new villager handle has to be created to try dis on this thread. Now I know this post had hit home and made a big impact.

In 2017 gideon moi will see dust in Baringo.
[B]William Samoei Ruto[/B] ‏@WilliamsRuto 16h16 hours ago
We’ll continue to equip our security agencies to tame the menace. Glad to meet residents of Marigat, Baringo county


[B]William Samoei Ruto[/B] ‏@WilliamsRuto 18h18 hours ago
All Kenyans need to be connected to electricity. Mama Jepkorir, Kivumbini Village, Baringo, is also a beneficiary.



Silibwet is a funny place, a small town that never sleeps.

haha. ati Moi will see dust in 2017 Baringo. Sarcasm should be left to me