Jubilee Gov developments Kamatira - Cheptongei Road in West Pokot County

Officially launched upgrade works to bitumen standard of Kamatira-Cheptongei Road in West Pokot County.


wamejaribu lakini corruption imeharibu mamabo yote, sioni wakirudi miaka ingine tano
corruption mamenos is what has brought them down

This ka-chorus is getting monotonous. There was corruption under Kenyatta I, Moi, Kibaki, Kibaki & PM Bandika, and today. This is the first regime that has tried to do something against the scourge, and that is no mean feat.

What is your strategy for ensuring that Jubilee does not get a second term?

Sema @BigMark I was told by a KTalker that you are literary a giant.

By January this issue will be as old as IEBC violent thuggery riots.

Am not a die hard political activist , I can change sides just like that , am neither a shinny eye nor am I dim eyed, am somewhere in between
was just calling it as I see it
last elections I voted for CORD not because I agreed with everything baba said and did, it was merely a choice of the lesser evil (according to me)
UK might not be a bad guy but the people surrounding him are bad news to Kenya

Its true corruption has been with us since independence, it was even worse during the Moi and Kibaki Eras . The media hype is what’s making things look bleak than they actually are but the ordinary mwananchi does not know this especially because the beneficiaries of the graft are mainly from two communities

that’s all I meant

which talker ?,
I have only met 3 talkers

My Kwesson remains : for every Ksh 100.00 G.o.K spends, how much goes to corruption ?