Jubilee FDI - Square Pharmaceutical invests 7.5 billion plant in Athi River - CS Adan Mohammed


The company has committed to invest Kshs.7.5 billion in Kenya starting off with the 14.8-acre factory at the Athi River EPZ. They have chosen to invest in Kenya’s EPZs as their entry point into Africa.


Square Pharmaceuticals is one of the major pharmaceuticals companies in Bangladesh. The new factory will boost Kenya’s pharmaceutical manufacturing profile in East Africa.


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Hi @spear I’ve seen your Jubilee posts for some time.

What I’ve always wondered is, have you ever penned anything critical of this Govt? Are you a paid blogger or just an overly enthusiastic Jubilee spectator?

The picture you paint is one of nirvana. Which is hardly the reality on the ground. Jubilee has tried but it’s still not the kind of leadership we yearn for; far from that! Why is the common mwananchi at their wits end, hardly yet feeling the fruits of the “Jubilee Dev” as you put it?

Not to knock anything off its achievements but I think your posts should be marked “Advertiser’s Announcement” or “Sponsored Post,” with @admin getting his/her fair due…

Thanks for being a avid follower. You are halfway there. Now join the queue ala na ukae square. Hiyo opinion yako uliza @Bingwa Scrotum mahali unaweza weka.

I’ve said I keep seeing your posts, not avidly following. Seeing doesn’t necessarily mean reading. Please don’t misconstrue!

Critics are the worst pretenders, I’m sure you read everything and could even correct any grammatical mistakes. Even the photos are reversed search as you look for that elusive comeback.

Don’t worry I wouldn’t let you down. 2018 is the best year yet for Jubilee Developments.:D:D

To the contrary, I can’t recall reading anything. Respectfully so.

I don’t and won’t support Jubilee. It’s my constitutional democratic right. That’s why I advocate for these recurrent posts of yours to be marked somehow eg that views expressed are yours only and not those of KTalk or other members.

If someone sponsors you to post the stuff, I’ll respect you more if you just admit that rather than resorting to cheap matusi. You gotta realize that not everyone can be brainwashed…

Omba kazi pole pole, you are fixated on being “paid” so much. I know its njaanuary you will make it. Kaa ngumu, hii maneno ya let’s dialogue is pure laziness.:):slight_smile:

Watch out for tomorrow issue of Jubilee development.

Ngong Road phase 1 construction is done.

I will leave it there. I believe I have put my point across.

Another one bites the dust. You can carry your unsolicited opinion with you on your way out.


@spear tuseme tu ukweli mtu labda anaendanga mguu so ata hiyo ngong road probably ata hajui iko upande gani. SGR toka imalizike unaskianga tu ni mimba ya Raila. Anything that is successful inakuwanga tu project ya Raila kitu ikifail ni Jubilee. Let the canaanites stew in their own bitterness.

Usijali sometimes I enjoy poking fun with them. They have some false sense of entitlement and very opinionated which most times is s**t.

Right now the only thing bothering me is finding a remedy for knocked knees, naona mtu hapa and I remembered that famous sweep that led to massive friction here in 2017.

This is skewed industrialization. I will be happy the day I hear new industries been set up in Voi or Nanyuki.