Jubilee FDI Dev - Swiss International, Mt Kenya Holiday Homes in Kshs 7 Billion pact

As the Jubilee government continues to maintain good economic growth, increased infrastructure projects and ease of doing business then more foreign investors continue to be attracted to our country. This project is now a tourist resort for big spender tourist who will bring along alot of cash to the Mt. Kenya Tourist circuit.




Under the partnership worth Sh7 billion, Swiss International which owns 27 hotels in three continents, will become the sole hospitality provider of the resort/FILE

By MARGARET NJUGUNAH, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 14 – Global hoteliers Swiss International has made an entry into the Kenyan hospitality market following a partnership with Mount Kenya Holiday Homes Limited. Under the partnership worth Sh7 billion, Swiss International which owns 27 hotels in three continents, will become the sole hospitality provider of the resort. Hence, it will develop and manage a 75 suite hotel, two restaurants, a bar & lounge and a villa spa among others, according to Swiss International Hotels Chairman and CEO Henri Kennedie.

“We will be working to provide a hospitality concept that will give the more than 300 expected home owners with five star hotel treatment,” said Kennedie.

The construction of Mount Kenya homes kicked off four years ago with 22 homes having been completed.
For this reason, buyers of the homes will therefore own homes on a five star resort. According to the Developer of Mount Kenya Holiday Homes Ronald Ndegwa, 281 homes are scheduled to be completed with the estimated number of dwellers being 1,200 ultimately. The prices of the homes differ with some starting from Sh28 million. However, under the new agreement, the prices are bound to differ.

“Apart from the 22 homes, the construction of a 9 hole golf course which is reversible to being an 18 hole golf course, has been underway and is ready to be opened. This is part of the package that we are offering those who choose to buy our homes,” Ndegwa said.

Apart from the golf course, the development will also have a clubhouse. Broken down, the 281 homes will consist of 67 villas, 128 apartments and 86 townhouses. Additionally, the development will include a conserved natural-forest area hosting a variety of wildlife that include Zebras and Gazelles among other animals.

– Scenic foothills of Mount Kenya –

Swiss International’s decision to enter the Kenya market is based on the scenic foothills of Mount Kenya, the surrounding wildlife including sites in Nanyuki, Nyeri, Isiolo and Samburu regions. Asked on whether the Swiss partners were not shy of entering a market whose tourism has been on its knees, Kennedie said that the outcome of the project was too luring to get cold feet.

“We knew what we were getting ourselves into. Kenya has had a reputable tourism industry for a long time. Furthermore this project is set to bring in a lot of attraction both locally and internationally.”

Kennedie estimated a 20 percent return on the initial investment at an undated time.

Through the deal, the project has therefore acquired a new brand name and will be known as Swiss International Resort Mt Kenya going forward.



This will just be a billionaires playground and not a solution to our tourism problem

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Ban this @spear guy. He is Dennis Itumbi

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Wachana na @spear anukishe kitunguu kwake

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The houses are going for Kshs 28 million each, that’s average middle-class costs in Nairobi. Ofcourse now it will go up. Billionaires need houses bigger than this with extras that they don’t really use but is a minimum requirement. Anyway any travelling billionaires might just love the country enough like Branson and invest billions here to uplift 1000’s of Kenyans.

Usijali siku Moja nitafikia huyo Deno. Sijanukisha kitunguu na pesa ya mtu bado, yote ni kutoka nguvu yangu lakini I have been offered 1 serious campaign brief that we are currently negotiating on.

Lakini lets agree this is not a solution to the Tourism problem.

That’s a general comment that i don’t understand. Whats specific is the solution to the tourism problem that hasn’t already being done.

However i will forever be supportive of anyone who invests on any project in Kenya. I don’t have to agree with how but at least he is doing something and its helping many. Doing is better than not doing now let other do the other bit as i give moral support to this venture.

2 weeks ago there was some post here by talkers on what ails the tourism industry in Kenya plus solutions. Kenya is generally expensive. This post just proves its. Billionaires or rich tourists are not always the majority. Plus Kenya Tourism board does a poor job at marketing Kenyan destinations to Kenyans. As @Meria Mata vile his tembea Kenya posts get lots of few correct answers.

It’s not a crime to invest in or build luxury resorts/holiday homes. Hata mimi am working hard so that I can afford to take Deorroress to one, one of these days. Lakini we have admit the government has done a poor job at improving the tourism industry

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List two things the government should do to improve local tourism. Don’t include lowering prices because you as a peasant will list that as the first one.

Kenyans are a peculiar lot. We see here posts of cheki maneno and we call the guys gay on two wheels. The only way we seek entertainment is seeking the ever elusive threshold and buying acoho at exorbitant prices at the expense of other curricula activities. How do you expect us to enjoy what the country has to offer with such attitudes.

And there is the never ending debate between quality over quantity. Why is a Chinese tourist worth 10 european tourist or a Russian tourist worth 20 european tourist. Yes we can be flexible about the prices but i prefer the market forces to settle it. CS Balala is doing roadshow now marketing tourism again with more vigor. He once put us at the top and he will do it again. The difference is we have learned from the past mistake quantity isn’t quality. 100000 new tourists from europe is just the same as 1000 Chinese or 500 Russians. Lets target the big spenders not the bag packers.

Also don’t forget akina Bingwa and his cousins had made the industry deteriorate to Mogadishu levels.

The riots of Machozi Monday.

I travel a lot and tbh people ask me about Kenya and the first question is ‘How safe is it to travel’. And considering next year is an election year…people will keep away thanks to our history. Even Kenyans abroad like jirani will be abusing kikuyus at the comfort of his public housing one room apartment in Berlin. The only time we will pick up is after elections.

so 28m is average middle class kenyan? or you mean average tenderprenuer and thief in kenya?

Try doing some research before talking. What’s the average price of any townhouse in Nairobi. Now remember this is bigger. If apartments average 10-15 million alone. Basically this is a second home for most buyers who want to lease it out when not in use.

Everytime I visit a new exciting place, I always share pics hapa. On cheki maneno, I have been to two with @Mkufuu which we shared pics here. One at Hells gate alone, I shared pics plus one I did a video at Karura with a GoPro camera and shared it here too.

What can Government do to promote local tourism? Lots of solutions have been given and I wont give any but fyi Tourism board invited local bloggers to get their opinion on how to promote local tourism. The bloggers gave their input. Do you know what the board did next? They took those suggestions and hired SOUTH AFRICAN Internet personalities to implement them.

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Hehehe ati quality. Lets take example ya Mombasa. If 500 quality tourists in your words visit, most likely watakuwa Diani or those Island hotels like Chale. High end exclusive hotels. So akina nani wataishi Gesaro hotel in Mtwapa? Or even Lambada? That’s why hotels down at the coast are closing.

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I didn’t say we should only target 500 high-end tourists surely, do i have to explain even the obvious. Mauritius stopped in the 90’s looking for mass tourists i.e 1 million instead they looked for 500,000 big spenders. The results were amazing, they got 10 times more revenue for fewer tourists and the local hotels industry upgraded their game to another level. Let target more Chinese, Russian big spenders instead of mass tourists. Someone who will buy all the souvenirs, services etc

Pole for the kukuona mtu hivi hivi and jumping to conclusion. Sasa juu ya hiyo story please piga fala fulani equator ikiweka hate speech tena kuhusu the jews of Kenya.