jubilee development

The reason why I have always had issues with these jubilee development posts. We keep highlightiny shortcomings in these projects…propaganda projects.
This was in 2018

the current state of the road is as below
Shouldn’t the contractor and government engineers be prosecuted for this? and as a propagandist how do you feel posting such shoddy work on social media?

recarpeted wapi? I think they did the road from njiru to maji mazuri where that family has interests. I dont they did anything to kasarani-mwiki road because it had huge potholes in the whole of 2019. It is now in horrible condition. lakini huko si ni kwa kumirakumira? I am sure if elections were held today they would vote exactly same way despite the suffering. poor people are like infants. Unfortunately nothing can change that except eradication of poverty and ignorance. but who wants to lead people thinking like independent adults? no one. not even me. infant mentality is always easier to deal with.