Jubilee development

WRC is back


Great news.
I’ll take the kids to watch them somewhere in Kajiado…
But am sure am the one who will enjoy them most as I relive my childhood days.

Really!!! Kamwana oyee…

Hio ni kiwaru kinatokea kwa Sauti yako?

The late Moi ,Patrick and Duncan. Nolstagic

mimi nitaona kwa gaseti, nikienda huko either nitarudi na homa ama nguo itafuliwa na matope, cant relate, na mtu asiseme eti ohh kiwaru oh kamwana hate, kwanza hizi ni vitu za upperclass n developed rich, am gone

Wewe Ni class gani

Good news, have the details been worked out, mostly route? Coz. I doubt the 90s route would worked, some of those areas are too populated now

I hope to participate 1 day In Shaa Allah

UPPER ROWEST(lowest) the class that is yet to feel the 8 year economic growth.

Good news. Can I enter with my small Toyota?

Usikonde, you’ll feel it in 3020

Hii sio KCB rally buda


As a streaker?


Endelea kuongea mbaya am an exceptional driver and have mad reflexes :slight_smile:


After a streak of bad news day in day out, this here is really some good news. Safari rally also reminds me zile bubble gum za Jojo zilikua na safari rally stickers circa 1995

Those born 70s wanatambua joghinder singh na shekhar mehta…Ian Duncan na toroitich walipata kama kumekua rahisi kidogo