Jubilee development.

Beast vs machine.

Call me a nut but I love driving in those conditions. But not in a car with bald tires.

Ngoja uambiwe hizo ni za county kutengeza.

I doubt that 4 wheeler had bald tires.

The driver may be a learner :confused:

Hiyo ndio inaitwa chariot.

Yaani huoni hio ni shamba badala ya barabara? jitombe ulale mami

maathais from njambini…talk to me

The ability to drive in such conditions depends on two things - skill and condition of vehicle. In mud, if your tires don’t have the tread (deep, zig-zag) to limit sliding, you might as well carry a blanket. You ain’t going nowhere.

its funny how you try soo hard to sell a big pile of stinking shit as a palatable meal

kuna soil type tu mbaya hata uwe na 6X6 VelociRaptor hakuna kwenye utaenda

:oops: oookaaay.
Let me go full blonde on you as a woman is supposed to when it comes to cars.
There’s a ka button in the dash ,with an icon which shows a cute little car with zig zag lines underneath the wheels.
Now, when you press the cute little button you activate the traction control, it’s something my SO taught me numerous times when we went to visit our folks in a place where the roads and shambas are the same.

How does traction control work?
When activated the wheel which are spinning are locked consecutively enabling the car to sloooowly work its way out

Remember, this is a blonde explanation. The rest of the blue handles can explain further
Tihihiihihi. Thanks.

…coming for to carry me hoooome…

Yenyewe the weekend has started :smiley:

hi frank

Hapo ningepita fwaaaa na my 1979 Peugeot Estate.
Offroading requires a capable car & highly skilled driver.

Thats a meffi driver probably with bald ass tires. I have been to a county where when the rains come u cant tell where the road starts and shamba ends, even the shamba was more conducive compare to the road. A neanderthal in his fucking ford ranger with big ass 4*4 tires managed to get stuck, the neanderthals solution was to use Jeremy Clarkson idea (Top Gear Africa Tour) of speed. The wheels spun with no grip and he managed to sink his car further in the mud hadi belly ikaguza chini. And then someone with a toyota kenya pickup carrying tomato crates akapita with no trouble

What is your major malfunction turd?

umbwa ghassia takatakaka kuma muzee