Jubilee Development - Transformation of Nakuru town roads

Transforming Nakuru Town! This is Kirinyaga Road Before & After. @PDUDelivery @NakuruCountyGov @GovLeeKinyanjui @susankihika @HiviSasaNakuru @visitnakuru https://t.co/gAaf7Zkzkh

Maragoli Road in Nakuru, Before & After … @KURAroads is constructing roads totaling to 22 KM within Nakuru Town under the Low Volume Seal Roads Programme aimed at creating better connections. @NakuruCountyGov @GovLeeKinyanjui @PDUDelivery https://t.co/qfzerhiM91


Does it mean when the road is upgraded even the roadside shrubbery looks more beautiful and vibrant?

Yes apparently, Tarmac equals less dirt, mud and shrubs gets a makeover.

Kirinyaga rd Nakuru :mad::mad::mad:.Please help identify that one,lakini in general huku ni Milimani kwa wadosi

Even the sky becomes bluer…kind of negates the positive message therein when you know the images have been edited…

This is something I have noticed with virtually all before-and-after images posted here.

Why are open drainages a thing? The road is good but why is there a gaping, almost waist high trench next to the pedestrian footpath?

Criticising, hair-splitting and nit-picking has become an art, I see…

good observation…its a thing to KURA but its very dangerous

Not all criticism is bad. We have a habit of doing things nusu nusu that pisses me off. Like the guy who decided it was a great idea to put a statue of Jomo on the new bills knowing very well it will be a subject of litigation. If that shit ends up infront of a maraga type judge the economy will take a massive hit.

How easy would it be to seal the trenches like on the thika road. The fact that they have rounded the edges means that was never in the plans.

Why do we leave many of our drainage everywhere left open, it is very dangerous, where are our health and safety teams. The trenches are turned into places where people throw rubbish into and begins to block the flow of water down the drainage. We need to cover the trenches with slabs, with spaced manhole covered gaps for water inlets or inflows; create local jobs making the slabs.

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Na hizi threads zenu za Jubilee tutakua tunawauliza hizi maswali ngumu. We won’t be allowing you to go unchallenged.

We pay taxes and all we see is theft. You get paid from our taxes! Kwani iko Nini?

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Looking at the landmarks, it’s true they are the same roads.

Nobody disputed that at all.

Sawa mûthee