Jubilee Development -SGR flagship project -President Museveni reaffirms commitment to Kenya-UG SGR & also first foreign Head of State to travel on it

President Yoweri Museveni of the Republic of Uganda when he arrived at the Mombasa SGR Terminus earlier today to board the Madaraka Express train from Mombasa to Nairobi. President Museveni is the first visiting Head of State to travel using Kenya’s SGR.
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Superior sgr comparable to non.

Pia baabaa alipanda ile ya ujerumani 1903 sasa mnashindana kutusumbua.


They are still fighting - Source: githeri media, opposition leaders and supporters.

@spear what are the advantages of giving Ugandans land to built a dry port in naivasha compared to us running it ourselves?

We will have both. Naivasha ICD run by KPA for importers/exporters in the RV region. Uganda dry dock exclusively for Uganda goods. I’m not sure the Ug dry dock will be operational for long since its just primarily for the 3-4-5 years before the SGR gets up to Kampala then the dry dock need becomes secondary. The idea is that Mombasa port and Nairobi ICD are too busy and too far. If they can lease land (not buy) next to Naivasha SGR they can build a dry dock for their own cargo. KPA will lose only a small amount of revenue for handling charges but they hope with their own dry dock all Uganda cargo will exclusively use Mombasa port going forward and that increased volume will not only allow KPA to recover that lost revenue but actually get a lot more in return. The idea is to completely now take up all Uganda cargo and ring fence it through Kenya exclusively. Soon expect the same from Rwanda, East DRC and South Sudan. Its strategic play to fully command the transport and logistical industry in the region. Uganda users and stakeholders have been suffering from lack of control of their cargos at Kilindini. They get delayed then moved to CFS to incur more storage and clearing charges. Now that KRA-URA systems are fully integrated then the seamless transfer, control and supervision of the containers is possible and has been in effect for the last 24 months. They are tracked from port up to Kampala, in fact up to their premises just to make sure. The tags are then returned to URA who return to KRA. That tagging showed that most of the cargo delays is at the transfer of cargo from Kenyan side to URA. KRA, KEBs etc take time to verify all transit containers. This is because the new security protocols dictate all consolidated and transit cargos must be physically inspected and scanned. This has caused a 2 days delay as the machines capacity and personnel for the job are overworked. We need more gates for the same at our port and also Uganda dry dock can also install their own for the same saving everyone time and money. By the way this is the second one. Ethiopia was also offered leased land at Lamu Port customs area for its own dry dock to serve south Ethiopia.

M7 is a typical mzeewe kijiji, look at how he’s seated with his legs spread…:smiley:

The Mombasa Port is working extremely well.
The Nairobi ICD was not prepared for a 700% increase in goods.That is where we are having severe backlogs right now.
Naivasha is honestly needed.The Nairobi ICD should serve as a termination point for Kenyan goods only.

Agreed fully, I don’t need to add anything.

Kalembe ndile ni wa kieleweke ama tagataga?

This a good move, the key it to have all that cargo pass through mombasa. This secures future bizness for sgr and cuts compe from Dar once and for all

Mdau wa turedio @Unataka kujua ili?

reality is that the cost of transporting a container from mombasa to Nairobi went up.
kenyan companies lost business.
Star of Africa Railway Operation Company, Chinese owned, got all the business.
Cost of goods went up.

No loyalty at all, it depends on who is paying.

Chinese withdrew the funding for SGR Uganda citing recovery problems. Not about to happen.

Actually, the white elephant issue has been largely due to a tug of war between two camps.
There is one camp that insists that the railway should terminate at Kampala but not beyond there.The main branch should be from Tororo to Gulu and eventually South Sudan.
This argument has two basis:
Uganda has a strongly favorable trade balance with S.Sudan and the Northerner MPs see such a project as a panacea to their underdevelopment.
Kenya opposes this idea because We want SS to ourselves via Lapsset and China sees that route as unnecessary.
Camp 2:Which has recently lost the tug of war was the camp that supported the original plan to Rwanda
M7 liked the idea as the rail would pass through his homeland
China sees the route as the main path to reach the DRC(Uganda is a transit point for them)
Rwanda sees the rail as a means of opening the nation up
The rail is viable only up to Kampala.The long stretch between Kigali and Kampala is like our stretch from Naivasha to Kisumu.Little or no economic activity to feed the rail.
Disagreements between Rwanda and Uganda have crashed this option.
The only hope is that the current DRC President actually likes us thus meaning the aim of having the DRC minerals shipped via Kenya is a possibility ONLY as long as he os not ousted in the next 9 years and replaced by a Lingala loving President who looks to France and West Central Africa.