Jubilee Development - Opening of Madingo Livestock Market in Kipini, Tana River County

Improved livestock management and proper animal husbandry ensures quality products, including milk, meat, leather and manure that boosts soil fertility. The industry provides employment, increases the earning power of farmers and contributes to food security.

Opened the Madingo Livestock Market, Kipini, Tana River County.

The problem I have with Ruto is that he never seems concerned with addressing issues affecting people wherever he goes

Tana river sahii Kuna shida insecurity
Am sure he didn’t mention it,neve said what sirikal will do about it

He has been to kakamega over 50 times,never said anything about Matungu killings…it’s only after Matiangi went there that things started moving

Kazi nzuri sana DP Ruto. These projects create jobs for the Kenyans. He is putting money in the pockets of Kenyans and that is exactly what Kenyans voted for him to do.
Lakini photographer ametuangusha. I want to see the buildings being commissioned.