Jubilee Development - Ongoing construction of Wajir power substation

Energy Cabinet Secretary Hon. @ketercharles today inspected the progress of the assembly of the Wajir substation,Wajir County.

Just take a break.

All we are seeing are just thieves in those pictures, not the transformers

Mecho imechafuka saidi

project expenditure conspicuously missing from this post

:smiley: hapa wizi tu:D

Huyu PR skills zake ziko chini. One would have expected he posts something totally different yet here we are.
But how come keter is conspicously missing from these loots? He’s barely implicated even where his ministries are concerned.

Wewe unapayuka hapa ju ya substation na huko kwingine watu wanamalisa ango? Huyu mchamaa ni aache?

have i just seen diesel generators?

Yes, the power lines from Isiolo to Mandera is low power lines. Fluctuations and blackout do happen due to voltage loss on the line. Until Ketraco builds a high capacity line like the Uganda - Nairobi one then diesel generators will be necessary as a back up. That high power line construction funded by world bank is meant to start in October 2019.

how much will go to corruption in the whole project?