Jubilee Development - Ongoing construction of Upper Hill Roads phase 2


Ambia bibi yako…shenji

Where are the exits for this hospital link road?

They should first finish Enterprise road which has taken forever. Rumors has it that money was eaten hence the delay… and DP has something to do with the delay and incompetence…those are rumors not me.

Mbagathi Road

Delays came from the World Bank. Government of Kenya isn’t funding it. They kicked out RCC due to slow work and inefficient methods.

World Bank is looking for another contractor after Government forced them to dump RCC.

Iyo barabara si inaendelea, bridge inaundwa?

Hapa wizi tu

The day the Jubilee will decide to eat by expanding Argwings Kodhek road, hio ndio itakua mwisho wao. The road has NO expansion room. Walls erected on each side, even bus pullovers ni shida.

As much as Kenya’s road infrastructure has improved, to be honest most of these roads are shoddily done. The side walks and road markings are always an after thought. The roads can barely survive a heavy rainy season. Why do you think this is the case in majority of our urban roads @spear ?

There is no room for a dual carriage unless they do some serious compensation which would run into tens of billions with Kilimani Prices

its never a rumor when a dev. stops coz money has been eaten.Its a known fact ,tunachungwa na wezi

can’t wait to see what they do to that eastern bypass after some fool ate the money for one side of a supposedly dual carriage

Demolishing those walls is a one day event. Very easy just like Thika road before construction. The major concern will always be the design brief which will decide the cost.

Wacha CS Macharia na Kura wakule na local contractors. He is untouchable.