Jubilee Development - Ongoing construction of Ruiru modern market in Kiambu County

Happy New Year 2020. Holiday is over, fully recharged, happy to continue the hard work of building and continued growth.

Ongoing construction of Ruiru modern market. Over 1100 traders will be able to trade in dignity. Shades will be constructed at the Wakulima market (last photo)to accommodate more traders. Also included in the main building is a crèche, offices and a meeting room.
Current Market

Ooh no…I celebrated too early
I honestly thought you went to the new kijiji…please go there.

Were the traders consulted before the fancy market was built? No? I thought so

consulted for what purposes?

  1. building?
    2.Land aquisition and allocation
  2. design
  3. ?

All the above. After all it is not goats who will be selling inside there but people. There is something called public participation.

Traders you call them right.,?
Up until recently, even goats would have had issues conducting business in such an enviroment littered with filth and gabage.

But why now? Why do You feel their need to be included in the land allocation, design & construction phases respectfully?
If they are so able, why didn’t they initially alleviate this issue?
Honestly it’s very hard to reason with ignorance. You win.

I work in the public sector so I have a few insights, if you don’t mind my saying so. Let me answer the last question first: The Traders and the buyers and all stakeholders in the chain are paying for 2 governments namely the Central Govt and the County Govt in form of taxes. These Govts are tasked to do the planning for the public market because it is a Public project. Govt is paid to do the work by taxpayers, including planning, designing and constructing public facilities for the public good. In other words, the mama mbogas and the water melon sellers have done their part and expect Govt to do the part they are paid for - it is not for them to alleviate the “issue”.

Secondly, to answer the first question, despite the Govt being tasked (as explained above), Govt still has to involve the beneficiary public in matters of land, design and construction etc at all stages because these issues determine the success or failure of any project. For example, let us say you build a 5 story building as a market, do you expect the water melon sellers to haul their goods to the 5th floor? Therefore, even the architectural design of the market matters.

You may have seen markets done by County Govts that have zero traders - it is because the county technocrats think they know what the people want.
In short: People are not goats - meaning (don’t think) that if you put up a fancy structure at Githurai, people will make it a market