Jubilee Development - Ongoing construction of Narok - Sekenani Road to Maasai Mara Park in Narok County

Commendable progress on improvement of Narok - Sekenani Road. It is 82 Kilometres long and is estimated to cost Ksh 2.2 Billion. Tourists using the road will take a shorter time to the Maasai Mara National Reserve, while area farmers benefit from faster & easier market access ^LC https://t.co/FzyEysyJVW


Is it ready? That will be very convenient. There was a time I tried taking a short cut to Bomet town. Instead of going back to Narok from MM then connecting to Bomet, I decided use the Talek-Kaboson-Bomet ‘road’ which in the Google map it indicated it was a Class C road. Wacha tu. We left at 0600hrs and arrived in Bomet at 1600hrs. Jalopy ilikula uncountable dents despite being a 4x4

Ongoing, not yet completed, once completed the road lanes and shoulders will be marked.

Scenic countryside.

What do you mean scenic? Hehehe. Huku jalopy kama iko na mashida shida hivi ni death sentence. I cannot see any sign of civilization kwanza on thatong stretch.

It should remain that way.