Jubilee Development - Ongoing construction of Mokowe Township roads in Lamu County

Mokowe Township Roads in Lamu County has greatly transformed the region, @KURAroads is set to open up the region by providing Efficient & Safe Urban roads. @LamuCountyKe https://t.co/ol3XA4VBLh

Meffi, malizeni wizi kwanza

@spear was the handshake good for this country?

I was here, and its true, I can confirm that indeed the construction works are ongoing. 50 years after independence, the area never had even a single metre of tarmack. Now, the area is opening up, and the port will change teh fortunes of this small shopping centre. If you can buy land here, please do.

Yes, 5 billion handcheque paid to RAT from interior ministry ended the tension in the country. When RAT stomach is full his supporter subconsciously believe their stomach is full as well. He has kept his end of the deal as well. SGR will get to Kisumu without riots and sabotage. Heck even government demolished Kibera right in the middle and he didn’t blink. It was money well spent and now the brothers are happy. Personally I said it here in 2017 that President Uhuru delayed praise from opposition supporters is just a matter of time. In 2018-19 you can’t critic him without being attacked by them and now he joins RAT in that blind envelope of see no evil and do no evil.

Below the belt