Jubilee Development: Northlands International Airport

[SIZE=7]Airport construction on land ceded by Del Monte to start soon[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]Kiambu governor says the plans are at an advanced stage[/SIZE]
In Summary
•The multinational fruit juice maker ceded 635 acres of its unutilized land situated in Gatuanyaga ward, Thika East, in 2018.

A section of Del Monte Kenya Limited land in Thika East.
A section of Del Monte Kenya Limited land in Thika East.
Plans to construct an airport on land surrendered by Del Monte are in the offing, Kiambu Governor James Nyoro has said.

The multinational fruit juice maker ceded 635 acres of its unutilized land in Gatuanyaga ward, Thika East, in 2018.

In return, the county government agreed to renew the firm’s lease of some 8000 acres for another 99 years.

During the agreement signing overseen by the company managing director Stergios Gkaliamoutsas and former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, the county boss revealed that some 200 acres of the ceded land would be used for an airport.

Nyoro, who spoke on Tuesday while launching the grading and gravelling of roads within Kamenu ward in Thika, said plans are at an advanced stage to have the airport constructed.

He said that will be a major milestone towards enabling Thika municipality to achieve city status.


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If they build big airport than jkia all airlines will move from this city traffic

There was talk some time back that Wilson airport would be moved to Thika.

Hopefully the corruption at JKIA won’t be supplanted to Thika.

I personally support air cargo, air transport. It’s cheaper and more efficient than rail.

The U.S more or less abandoned rail in favour of air. The digital economy in the U.S i.e amazon e-commerce, ebay and others survives on DHL, Fedex and UPS jetliners. Saa hii wanaingia mbo ya drones.

Lakini bado utaona archaic cunts like @Sambamba na @MortyTuumbo bado zikitetea super expensive and analogue sgr cargo. Even China is using air travel and air cargo more than ever. China has realised that budget air travel still defeats the fastest trains man can ever build.





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Nairobi is a shit hole which need to be abandoned, a new city northlands or tatu will do

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a corporate democrat

we dont need an Airport in Kiambu just an airstrip , let them do a different kind of development. huo ni wizi wanapanga

I’m not a Luo much less a Luopean, nor am I taking the role of former propaganda artist-Spear.

To be clear, I think that this entire development is a horrifically bad idea. Converting formerly pristine agricultural land to an airport is patently stupid. Building an airport in Thika doesn’t make any sort of sense either. It is neither a tourist destination nor does the goods it produces justify the creation of an airport. The place doesn’t face any logistical or transport challenges so what is the entire point of this white elephant?

Kiambu county for some reason keep pumping out some of the dumbest politicians in 254. And that is something considering the rampant sycophantic foolishness in ODM.

Port umepeleka kwa shamba yako, pia JKIA unataka ikuwe kwa shamba yako. Brilliant

That’s wonderful, more to the Kenyarras!!

JKIA is more than 6000 acres while the above land is merely 600 acres. Stop dreaming tafadhali.

Uko on-point!!

Wacha ujinga. The del monte land where the kiambu county wants to put up the airstrip is at gatuanyaga about 40km from northlands.