Jubilee Development-Nairobi Metropolitan Power Ring to provide alternative Nairobi electric path

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The Nairobi Metropolitan Ring will meet Nairobi’s power demand by providing alternative electricity paths.#N-1 #GoKDELIVERS #NairobiCounty
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N-1 contingency has the ability of maintaining power supply in case of failure on one of the circuits in the ring #GoKDELIVERS @PR_Optimist
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‘This is different from current situation where a fault leads to major blackout in Nairobi’. #N-1 #GoKDELIVERS #NairobiCounty @PR_Optimist


Huo umeme unatoka wapi…but gud work

Naivasha-Narok-Bomet-Kisumu-Malaba geothermal and soon very cheap power from Ethiopia once the high power lines from Turkana to Suswa is complete.

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Basically,Isinya, Ngong, Athi River,Embakasi and Komarock substations will be connected to Suswa substation.At Suswa is where the Olkarias(currently 540MW and soon 810MW after completion of the recently launched Olkaria V),Ethiopia 400MW and Loiyangalani 310MW are connected.
A ring of 220kV is being developed around Nairobi(currently KPLC has a 66kV ring around Nairobi).Tendering for the 400kV ring outside the 220kV ring is on course.All this will ensure a completely reliable supply iwithin the wider Nairobi.

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Thank you, you are always the authority in the village on power.

Now kindly let me know the plans to link the whole Nairobi network from overhead lines to underground. Also having read about industrization worldwide, it’s only possible with a mix of Nuclear, Hydro and Coal power. What’s you take on nuclear power in Kenya?


On the issue of underground cabling,KPLC is trying it within CBD though costly.This is to ensure maximum reliability as the cables are less susceptible to interruptions.Nuclear power had already been factored in the Least Cost Power Development Plan(LCPDP) 2025 plan.Though practically speaking the 2015 -2020 demand forecast has already been proven wrong.The 5000MW plan was an excellent plan but based on the wrong power demand forecast. But all in all I aplaud the 5000MW plan as it has geared us towards sufficient power supply.Please note that even with the devastating drought, no mention of power rationing was announced. The best thing would be to have the geothermals, coal in the network then extrapolate more accurate load forecasts to determine the power shortfall.

Our current domestic power usage by industry standards is low. Mostly cement plants and less than 1000 firms are heavy users. However in the short term we have Dongo Kungu SEZ and Naivasha SEZ coming up that will need loads of power. In the long term we have Lamu SEZ and SEZ in all 47 counties. All in all in the near future we will need more power to actualize industrization and manufacturing.

Whether low or not, the best achievement has been with the domestic connections.At 63% connestion we are doing well…better than even India.The past weekend was at shags and noticed the opposite and distant ridges are all now well lite at night…a sight to behold, considering that 7 years ago we were conned of 500k to just connect power to the homestead.
On the larger scale,the SEZ’s,electrification of SGR,Konza City,Lappset and industrial parks will definately need alot of the power. By 2019 there will be more than 20% power supply thus reliability will have improved…but the question of cost will still be lingering…

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