Jubilee Development: Muranga Residents Suffer Water Shortage-kumera kuchota maji

[SIZE=6]Kumira Kumira: Muranga Residents Suffer Water Shortage Barely An Year After Dismissing Raila Odinga- (Note Temperatures in Muranga are now higher than in Mombasa). [/SIZE]


CAPTION: A Kikuyu peasant woman seen here struggling to tap water.

Stockholm-Syndrome: A condition common with members of the Kikuyu community, who have developed empathy towards their oppressors.

[SIZE=6]One time not too far back, The People’s President Raila Odinga warned of a water shortage emanating from an ill-advised water-tower project in the Aberdares. In his statement, Raila pointed a finger at Uhuru Kenyatta, whose family is embarking on a massive real-estate project known as Northlands, where all the water was going to be diverted.[/SIZE]

The Northlands project is located at the family’s 30,000 hectare Sukari Ranch, which is located in Kiambu County.

What the Kikuyu’s haven’t realised is that there are only two tribes in Kenya; the haves and the have-nots. Uhuru doesn’t represent their interests but those of the cabal of elites.
CAPTION: Kikuyu peasants are now queuing for water, after singing Kumira Kumira. Reality is sinking in.

Now, Kikuyu Tv stations are raising alarm over water scarcity in Muranga County, showing residents travelling for long distances in search of the precious commodity.

But can we sympathise with a people, who openly castigated Raila Odinga even when he was telling them the truth?

Didn’t the most corrupt Governor in Kenya, conman Mwangi wa Iria yap on TV asking Raila not to meddle with “his” County, as if his mother owns it?

Despite the much-touted Kikuyu-privilege, it seems Muranga is more remote than our North Eastern region. Despite Kikuyu’s being appointed in virtually all public top jobs, they’re still struggling and begging for relief food, debunking the myth that a Kikuyu presidency is a quick-fix panacea.


CAPTION: Karma is seeing Kikuyu’s become primary victims of their act of stupidity for electing their oppressor.

Interesting times ahead my sister,watu wakule kiburi yao [SIZE=1]tano tena,kumi tena …[/SIZE]

They call her karma, she’s a bitch.

Yeah…God is punishing people for exercising their democrating right.

still on ur back, wachapwe nyahunyo kali

Ati water was going to northlands!! You are on your own . Tano tena


For the Stockholm syndrome inflicted comments

Haha. Jubilee development manenos

These Nasa sycophants will always find a way to praise Raila for all the good.
Which part of this country is not suffering water issues right now? Drought is a nationwide thing and has nothing to do with the Northern tunnel.

I’m just wondering, Muranga is experiencing shortage now, and Nasa empty heads are taking every opportunity to remind us of Raila’s warning. Yet the tunnel is not even complete or operational to affect anything. What will happen when water starts flowing inside it? Si akina Makena watatoa chupi.

Lastly, anytime someone tries to paint Raila as the new ‘Wangari Mathai’, remind him that his backyard of Kisumu county has the lowest tree cover of only 0.44%. The nationwide average is 6% and the Muranga he is pretending to be worried about is 14%.

Kule peoples republic mushapeana tender ya mfua na ikawa delivered tuhamie huko?

Northlands doesn’t even exist. So how can an imaginary project cause drought?

Why is it hard for the dynamic duo to Marshal Kenyans to plant trees with vigour?

Lakini watu wa muranga si hubebwa ka maumbwa sana…kwanza Mimi nachukia sana huyo women rep anaitwa Sabina sana

hata niwe maskini aje…
bwana ya @GeorginaMakena tukipatana na yeye pub lasma akunywe moja kwa bill yangu ju hakai kuenda home mapema:D:D:D

Munaona hio passion,na as usual raila had to be dragged in

How does an incomplete project cause water shortage?

You have a valid point only that your deep hatred for Kiuks is coming out more in your narrative than the point itself :(:(!