Jubilee Development: Mtayua Hamyui


I don’t want to call him an idiot but thats the only only word in the dicktionery that comes close to his working model

An other one term governor in the making.

Alafu the oaf doesnt seem to realize how liquid his position is! Kwanza saa hii ndiyo apt time to remove this maziwa lala gavana!!



the entire city can’t be under the control of one idiot. I think it’s the citizens who are idiots. mmeshikwa makende na mjinga mmoja na hamuezi ongea, hamuezi jitetea. 1000 matatus na hamuezi funga njia mseme enough is enough? 10 thousands walking na hamngeenda parliament with those numbers io siku mseme enough is enough? Nairobians have proved that “NO MATTER HOW HARD A DOG IS KICKED, IT CAN STILL BE KICKED AGAIN.”

Kenyans are like sheep. Ona vile French citizens walidemonstrate mpaka Macoroni akashindwa kuongeza tax kwa mafuta. Kwani hata sisi hatuwezi tokea kwa streets na turushe mawe?