Jubilee development; mombasa terminus

Construction of the 22 kilometre standard gauge railway linking the Miritini passenger terminus to Mombasa CBD train station will begin at the end of this month.

^^^^^ Good stuff. Is this in the initial U.S $3.5 billion ama ni another contract. Sasa wafanye Nairobi pia

So train itakua inapita hadi CBD ama kutakua na special train ya kuingia island?

Meff chief thieth @Meria Mata = @spear

Commuter light train for 300 million on a separate contract. SGR configurations will make this build to be expensive at almost 5 billion since the foundation is deeper and track is reinforced. This line will only be for passenger commute and not cargo so the turning radius circle can be sharper. SGR track needs a longer wider turning circle since it pulls a lot of locomotives.

Heshimu Village Shifo, ama ugeuzwe Senior Villager saa hii…

Meria Mata, I have a question:
What is the political or psychological advantage of writing ‘Jubilee development’ instead of ‘Kenya development’?

Nothing, just that some people hate it, they see a jubilee development thread and get ulcers the size of avacado seeds

Huko sio eldoret nani. Pickup haiwezi fika huko na ng’ombe hauna mtu wa kuwachia! So wacha maswali mingi za ujuaji.

Imagine getting ulcers over an anonymous site and whats said there. Sometimes I say things just to be mischief and I enjoy the meltdown it causes.

:D:DAre there actually people who catch feelings like this?


then what happens to the current station? because now everyone will be going to the CBD.

hii ya Nairobi goes all the way to KENOL (will be completed by end of this year)…zile sides za Thika…then in 2019 itafika Nanyuki…

Thats why the by-pass was done…so people avoid mombasa CBD…

io ni upuzi. ile pesa itatumika apo will dent our economy for the next 100 years. itakuwa inabidi mpig wakakufie india ju hosi yenye mkoloni alituachia iko in a bad state. tushatombwa akili

bypass is not complete… na hujajibu swali yangu.

Let’s not confuse things.

Miritini station is SGR Mombasa station. If you are using SGR you have to get there by road or by this proposed commuter train service. This proposed commuter train service is for passengers to connect between Miritini SGR station and Mombasa CBD. Its like the KR meter service between Nairobi railways and Nairobi terminal SGR station.

Dongo Kungu bypass phase 1 is complete. It has cut down car travel to Miritini station from 1 hour to 20 minutes.

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