Jubilee Development. Middle income country that doesn't need declining imperial powers meddling.

Kila mwaka ! We celebrate mediocrity with the flag.

Shame on us.


Jubilee the word makes me puke

This isn’t a jubilee issue, it’s more of a Kenyan problem, why don’t we have food security for ourselves.
It’s not like our country is not arable! If desert countries can secure and even donste food, what’s wrong with our sysyems?

ako wapi @GUKA awekelee lecture ya Africans and population growth

This is now boiling down to laziness why can’t we be food sufficient and yet we have beautiful climate all year round

we export flowers and vegetables each morning, to be eaten by white men.
i will never pity a person dying of hunger

Not a jubilee issue? Who commands the bureau of statistics and planning if not government? Who is in charge of making or preffering policies that is meant to make Kenya food secure if not government? But what do they do instead, tax farmers and prevent use of cheap organic fertilzers (manure) to their preffered “political” friendly processed organic fertilizers.

Jubilee and successive governments are slowly forgetting the backbone of Kenyas economy for the better part of its existence has been agriculture. What incentives does the govt prefer for farmers to enable Kenya be food sufficient? They have forgotten about farmers, its the farmer that is pushing all levers now.

With all this hunger is the reason i tell my peers, soon agriculture will be the most rewarding investment. The population is not shrinking by any means. The market is there and am not talking about vegetables but real food.

That’s a Jubilidiot CS. It’s a Jubilidiot problem.

What I mean is, this has been going on longer than jubilee, we have never secured our food situation.

A good percentage of that relief food will find it’s way in shops and food stores.

Those jubilant blaming the people:
Weren’t farmers turned away when they delivered maize in government silos in rift valley?
Isn’t maize rotting in farmer’s stores?
Isn’t government over taxing farm inputs?
Me I had to do away with dairy farming just the other day since the cost of feeds kept soaring while the cost of raw milk kept going south because one of our own want a monopoly in that business.

so if i starved last year and the year before and every other year that i have been alive then i still have some else to blame other than myself?

Not simplistic as that, its the function of a central command herein govt that should come with means of ensuring the Nation never lacks through planning. One person can only produce as much but without forecast its in vain. That is why farmers produce maize daily but rot in farms because some bonobo decided to import maize to coincide with harvest season.

Secondly, govt is urging farmers to diversify from maize but what alternative is the govt giving as a market for millet and sorghum? Imagine having 5 acres of the produce and you got no idea what to do with them. All this should have the hand of govt somewhere as most farmers even with saccos cant come up with processing firms without initial govt good will. I rem when Agricultural produces enjoyed tax exemptions and other forms of subsidies to encourage food production. If you haven’t noticed, when food is affordable the economy recovers pretty well and the shilling is at its strongest form…

In short Agriculture needs to reclaim its long lost glory, most city dwellers rely on food from mashinani, if those in mashinani arent empowered even you at CBD will be forced to buy food at exorbitant prices. Hii aibu ya kuomba food needs to stop.

Forget it. Right now the cost of production in the agricultural sector is too high. We have very stiff competition from Uganda and Tanzania. Their inputs are very cheap. Our government thinks the only way to make more money is by taxing our farmers to death. This Jubilee thieves do not have a coherent plan for this country. We will live to remember His “Highness”.

We are waiting for gavament to do something…

agribusiness is the next big thing.so long people leave they will eat. and also due to the massive rural-urban migration we have underproduction.

Bonobos everywhere yani mtu anakufa njaa akiwa na Ng’ombe,mbuzi, kondoo, ngamia na kadhalika, aje sasa na the signs are there for all to see kwamba mvua haitanyesha? sell them fckn animals and feed yourselves banae…Alafu Hawa orangutans elect hyena like bonobos to represent them in parliament and county govts…majuto Ni mjukuu wacha wakufe.
They are the same people whom have enumerators cooking census figures, hiding alshaitans and having stone age interclan wars and claiming to be of Arab ancestry…wacha they they shoot and bomb each other back to the stone age ghaseer.

Government should jail or ignore these lazy people. Why do they suffer hunger year in year out?

They’ve started refusing those because of the carcinogenic pesticides and fertilizers that our farmers use.