Jubilee Development - Kshs 13 Billion Nairobi underground electric power cable project

[B]Kenya Power Limited[/B]‏ @KenyaPower 17m17 minutes ago
The underground cabling project will provide alternative supply to consumers in Nairobi #GOKDelivers #EnergyProjectsKE ^IK
[B]Kenya Power Limited[/B]‏ @KenyaPower 1h1 hour ago
Kenya Power is implementing a Sh13 billion underground cabling project to improve the quality of power supply in Nairobi.#GOKDelivers ^IK

I think by 2020, half of the Kenya Population will be Chinese! Courtesy of Chupi-lee importation.:mad:
Those guys are 2Billion in their country, so if they just export 1% of their population to Kenya that’s 20 million people.

safi xana hii blackout inamaliza watu wajua kali kama mimi

Their is a new high voltage KVA line that runs full circle around the greater Nairobi region. This complements it as the underground cables are connecting all substations into a new network grid. Any power outage in one region doesn’t mean it spreads to a wide area, the connection is rerouted through other substations. The next step will be to completely replace all overhead line progressively as was the case with CBD/Town. Next district is Upper hill, Ngong Road and Kilimani. Then Westlands and Parklands.

Burma, jamaica, angola, siri lanka etc teyari washa anza kuchoshwa na hawa wachina kenya will soon follow suit

Good move

I hope blackouts will be a thing of the past even in the estates.can’t wait for 8 to vote nione after 4 more years tutakuwa wapi na uhuruto…

Me too. Overhead power lines are expensive to maintain and are prone to interference from human and weather factors. Underground power lines are expensive to roll out but a lot easier to maintain making it cheaper in the long term. Its also more reliable and stable.

waahh… lets wait and see