Jubilee Development - KDF Alenia C-27J Spartan medium range transport aircraft

Leonardo Italy has delivered 2 out of 3 of the planes ordered.

we want cancer hospitals

@spear can you expound on the use of these Aircraft. What capabilities will they improve as we battle the challenges of the C21

we need more aicrafts to ferry our troops … road IEDs zinawamaliza

These are transport aircraft, logistics is the backbone of any serious military…does not matter how well trained your soldiers are, if you can’t transport them, or supply them with food ,medicine and ammunition in the battle field …you are as good as useless.

This is a worthy buy.

when are they buy locusts fighting machinery and equipment

indeed it is this is the first real step change for KDF logistics in a long time,this aircraft can land and take-off on 200m unpaved / dirt airstrip, maximum payload of 10,000 tons plus in can be easily converted into a surveillance aircraft with the latest AESA radar or a gunship not unlike the
AC-130 gunship ,it’s definitely a good buy

Good job… The same zeal in procurement should also apply to equipping the mobile clinics zile za container, training staff and/or hiring to operate all those leased machines at county hospitals and as a consequence hasten and enable more easy reach of cancer screening to all over Kenya not to mention medical drugs for the same… oh well, this is Kenya, kuna mse amelalia maskio