Jubilee Development - Installation of various Leased medical equipments at Thika Level 5 Hospital in Kiambu County

The Managed Equipment Services (MES) have delivered great respite to patients at the Thika Level 5 Hospital in Kiambu County.

Under MES, the hospital has received advanced Intensive Care Unit (ICU), surgical, radiology and renal facilities. Patients can now receive dialysis, MRI, mammography and advanced surgery among other services at the hospital. #GoKDelivers

Kiambu Level 5 Hospital has received radiology equipment for X-ray, Ultra Sound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) services under the MES. On average, the Ultra sound equipment handles 36 patients per day while around 3 patients receive MRI services daily. #GoKDelivers ^LC

Also installed at the Kiambu Level 5 Hospital under the MES is a C-arm Anesthetic Vital Signs Monitor. The modern, trolley-mounted mobile machine boasts of, among other cutting-edge features, an integrated video monitor. #GoKDelivers ^LC

An on-going theatre operation using facilities installed under the Managed Equipment Services (MES) at the Kiambu Level 5 Hospital. The theatre serves 8- 13 patients daily delivering much needed medical relief at the busy hospital. “The equipment is never idle,” says Dr Jesse Ngugi, the hospital Superintendent. “It has been the true game-changer”

Good initiative but the concern is that the equipment is leased? Also, I think the title Jubilee Development is a tad misleading since the government is in place to do such stuff.

Uncle lootall is involved, that’s why it’s development

That hospital and every other public hospital in this nation are grossly underequipped, Thika Level 5 has one ultrasound machine, just one.

Radiology dept. has more than 50 patients waiting their turn at any given time, if the doctor orders an Xray or Ultrasound or Fluoroscopy on Friday the guys at Radiology will have you come back three days later because of the incredible backlog, once there it will take atleast 3-5 hours before they attend to you. Those very machines attend not only to outpatient but also inpatient and ER, it is incredibly threadbare for a Level 5 hospital.

Conclusion: MES is a farce, venye Jubilee have been blowing their trumpets i expected much better, lots of PR but mashinani impact is minimal.

I thought health was devolved and is a function of Counties