Jubilee development from Yoweri Museveni


Gathecha should be hanged for state capture.

Wakanyama, Motokubwa liwe liwalo .Bila lube

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Pewa WD40 uiliam amelipa.

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Uganda are our biggest trading partners… They are just looking to try and normalize the balance of trade… After all, why import sugar from Brazil when our brothers with whom we have plenty in common have a surplus!?

I guess you missed the memo. We are to import poultry products from Uganda? Our poultry farmers walambe lolo ama?

There’s a reason why Kibaki did well. Apan tambua sijui neighboring countries, sijui donors, sijui legacy nyef nyef , just work and do what’s right. Country first. These ill educated, lack/peasant mentality office bearers will be the end of us.

I guess the deal is, Kenya to increase milk export to Ug in exchange. Gathecha not my president!


Brookside has a plant in Uganda which already exports to Kenya.

This is a king increasing his levies as much as he can. he must sustain an “army”. Of course all a king wants is to expand his empire, make his “army” strong and accumulate wealth. hiyo ujinga ingine mko nayo ati kumeibiwa kwani ni pesa yenu imeibiwa. pesa ya muthamaki yenye amecollect levies yeye ndo anajua vile kutumia na ni yeye anajua ikiibiwa. When a knight is awarded some wealth to sustain his men, how can you complain that money is stolen? The king knows who eats what. everything the knights takes is given by the king at his court, for the knight has fought well for the king. the knight has demonstrated loyalty. there are no mistakes. Commoners cannot tell royal blood what to do. All hail the king!!

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Goood old days when hay and sacks of maize meal was being passed through brookside fence to bypass and mwihoko…Gatheca aliteswa na wasapere aka shangaa .

Wapande avocado! Shida iko wapi?:smiley:

Muzee @Abba

Ile maneno Gathecha ametufanyia I won’t kama Ile degree anasema alisomea Arnhem ni genuine. The decision he makes prove huyu mjamaaa ni dimwit. Hii ni zuzu anadekezwa na mamake.

We live in a capitalistic setup mayai ya UG huwa 260 per crate while ya Kenya hupanda mpaka 330