Jubilee Development - Focus on Elgeyo Marakwet Transformation

#[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B] is located in Former Rift Valley Province. It’s Capital city & the Largest town is Iten. #GoKDELIVERS
#[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B] Borders West Pokot, Baringo, Uasin Gishu & Tranzoia Counties. Area 3,029.9 sq KM. Population 369,998. #GoKDELIVERS
#[B]ElgeyoMarakwetCounty[/B] Occupied by Keiyo, Sengwer(Hunter gathered community) known as Marakwet & Other Kalenjins sub-tribes. #GoKDELIVERS
[B]Ministry of Mining[/B]‏ @MadiniKenya 1h1 hour ago
Inside the Kenya Flouspar Plant in Kerio Valley, in Kenya that is home to world class flouspar deposits. #[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B]
[B]Ministry of Health[/B]‏Verified account @MOH_Kenya 45m45 minutes ago
The productive operating theatre’s offers to deliver high quality, safe & consistent care to patients in #[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B] #GoKDelivers
[B]Ministry of Health[/B]‏Verified account @MOH_Kenya 48m48 minutes ago
Gov has enhanced theatre services at Iten L5 hospital & Chebiemit L4 to improve patient care #GoKDelivers #[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B]
[B]Ministry of Health[/B]‏Verified account @MOH_Kenya 42m42 minutes ago
People living in #[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B] have improved access to care solutions thanks to Gov Managed Services Equipment #GoKDelivers
[B]KETRACO[/B]‏ @KETRACO1 45m45 minutes ago
The 132kV Lessos-Kabarnet transmission line will increase electricity supply within #[B]ElgeyoMarakwetCounty[/B] & its environs #KETRACOprojects
[B]Ministry of Energy[/B]‏Verified account @EnergyMinK 2h2 hours ago
Iten in #[B]Elgeyomarakwetcounty[/B] has 260 street lights installed and has greatly improved security in the town. #GoKDELIVERS
[B]Ministry of Energy[/B]‏Verified account @EnergyMinK 2h2 hours ago
13580 homes have been connected to electricity in #[B]Elgeyomarakwetcounty[/B] in the last 4 years.
Benson Korir of #[B]ElgeyoMarakwetCounty[/B] expresses his joy as a beneficiary of the last Mile Project. https://youtu.be/-7l5LT1AX9Y [URL=‘https://twitter.com/hashtag/GokDelivers?src=hash’]#GokDelivers

[/URL][B]Ministry of Energy[/B]‏Verified account @EnergyMinK 2h2 hours ago
270 public schools in #[B]Elgeyomarakwetcounty[/B] now have electricity to power the digital literacy program. #GoKDELIVERS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6ffBJsGj00 … #[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B] #GoKDELIVERS

[B]REA[/B]‏ @REAmashinani 4h4 hours ago
#[B]ElgeyoMarakwetCounty[/B]: New Primary School Connections Since 2013: 270 schools @Mindililwopryschool @PDUDelivery #DigischoolKE #GOKDelivers
[B]ICT Authority[/B]‏Verified account @ICTAuthorityKE 2h2 hours ago
354 out of 368 schools in #[B]ElgeyoMarakwetCounty[/B] benefitted from the programme #DigiSchoolKE #GoKDELIVERS
[B]MinWater&Irrigation[/B]‏ @minwater_irrig 3h3 hours ago
Marakwet West Phase II Water Supply project is complete, ready for commissioning at a cost of KSh 120M #[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B] #GoKDELIVERS. The project with an expected treatment capacity of 600m3/day will serve 20,000

[B]MinWater&Irrigation[/B]‏ @minwater_irrig 3h3 hours ago
Tunyo Irrigation Project is complete and under production at a cost of KSh 45M. The project with an acreage of 700 acres will benefit 700 #[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B] #GoKDELIVERS.
[B]MinWater&Irrigation[/B]‏ @minwater_irrig 3h3 hours ago
Iten Tambach Sabor Phase I project is complete and ready for commissioning at a cost of KSh 1.9B #[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B] #GoKDELIVERS. The project with an expected treatment capacity of 5,500m3/day will benefit 40,000 #[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B] residents #GoKDELIVERS
[B]MinWater&Irrigation[/B]‏ @minwater_irrig 3h3 hours ago
Iten Tambach Sabor Water Supply Phase II Project is complete at a cost of KSh 1.1B #[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B] #GoKDELIVERS. The project will benefit 64,000 #[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B] residents
[B]Kilimo Kenya[/B]‏ @kilimoKE 45m45 minutes ago
In #[B]ElgeyomarakwetCounty[/B] the first ever milk processing plant being installed at a cost of Ksh 20M in Keiyo South #GoKDelivers
[B]Huduma Kenya[/B]‏Verified account @HudumaKenya 3h3 hours ago
Huduma Centres are one stop shop for National and County Governments’ services. #GoKDelivers #[B]Elgeyomarakwetcounty[/B]

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