Jubilee Development - Dualing of Sobea-Salgaa-Mau Summit Road

KeNHA picks Chinese contractor to build dual road on dreaded Salgaa stretch China Railway No. 10 company to start construction by mid-May.
Onlookers at a scene of an accident at Migaa near Salgaa on the Nakuru- Eldoret Highway on February 09, 2017. FILE PHOTO | NMG



Frequent accidents on the 22-kilometre Sobea-Salgaa-Mau Summit stretch have claimed dozens of lives. In December last year alone, more than 40 lives were lost along the stretch. This prompted prompting State’s decision to turn it to a dual carriageway. The highways authority has awarded China Railway No. 10 company the contract to build the much-awaited Sobea-Salgaa-Mau Summit dual road on the Nakuru-Eldoret highway. The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) on Thursday said the contractor was doing some work on the stretch before construction begins by mid-May.

“The contractor has already started preliminary work ahead of the actual construction that will begin in May. The construction will be complete by May, 2019 ,” KeNHA’s public relations officer Charles Njogu said

Frequent accidents on the dreaded 22-kilometre stretch have claimed dozens of lives and left scores of people maimed, prompting State’s decision to turn it to a dual carriageway.

Sh500 million

In December, the government announced that it would spend Sh500 million in constructing the dual road, with an aim of curbing the accidents. The notorious section stretches from Sobea, Salgaa, Migaa, Sachangwan and Mau Summit. It also includes Jolly Farm and Mkinyai areas.

“All procedures for the construction of the dual carriageway are complete and the works will begin by mid-May,” said Mr Njogu.

The project, according to KeNHA, will involve expansion of the notorious stretch between Sobea and Mau Summit, designing and construction of emergency runaway truck rumps, repair of guardrails and installation of warning and informative road signs. The design will also provide for the construction of a lorry brake checking point with a capacity of 20 lorries to evaluate the braking systems of vehicles on the road.

Numbers killed

In December last year alone, more than 40 lives were lost along the stretch. An oil tanker accident in 2009 killed nearly 200 people at Sachangwan area along the highway. Dark patches of spilled oil, broken glasses, and pieces of rubber and mangled remains of motor vehicle parts litter the road section – a grim reminder that the stretch bears a bitter past for many families

finally ,it’s about time someone woke up

Finally… huff

Lakini @spear Highway A104 should be dualed from Nairobi through Nakuru to Total on the junction to Kericho. … the traffic here is usually crazy, especially Nakuru - Nairobi, speed limit is usually 55 kmph on an average day !!


Now this is the real jubilee development we expect.
But hope the contractor does a better job than the shoddy work done by Sinohydro on Outer Ring road.

The moment Taj Mall was not brought down, I knew that was going to be a shitty road design

This one i totally agree

Don’t blame KURA for this, Taj Mall took Ministry of Transport to court to stop the demolition. That case is still in court for 2 years. They also took KURA to court in another chamber and Lastly Ministry of Lands in another court. All cases are still ongoing. Who knows when they will end. Were Kenyans willing to wait until its done. The contractor had already indicated it will bill KURA for delays if that was the case as they claim idle dwell time for staff and equipment. Kshs 5 million a day. Right now arbitration is ongoing to buy it and convert it to a hawkers market but the price they are quoting is not good.

Its already in the works. Tender was launched last year and winning bidder announced this year. It will be by PPP - Private Tolled Road. 200 kshs for a 3 lanes high speed road fully funded and built by the investor.

G.o.K lawyers are a shitty & thieving lot. Kwani hawange-File hii kesi kama Urgent? Najua they’re cashing in on looong & delayed court cases.
Mimi ningepiga deal na Kenya Railways wabomoe since the plot is also on a railway reserve.:smiley:

Why should the government buy something that it already owns? The people who allocated that road reserve to Taj Mall should be in a cell right now.

The government lawyer is the AG and their is nothing you can file to force court to rush a case to conclusion. The blame starts and ends with the judiciary. They give injunctions on an industrial scale without due consideration on both parties and the public interest. A lot of people go broke, are auctioned or projects ruined due to legal gymnastics to arm strong people to settle.

Its not just public projects but also private projects. Look at procurements tender. Almost all losing bidders will sue first at procurement tribunal then high court. 2-3 years of cases because of bitterness of losing then another year at appeal court. In that time they ask the winner to do it jointly to have the cades withdrawn which is basically blackmail. Right now we could be having new generational ID’s, car number plates, roads, water projects and power plants all stalled after they were awarded.
Same to private investment projects. Why do judges need 2-3 years to hear a case yet in those years they will meet on that matter less than 30 sittings. They can do that in a 1-2 months. Simple our courts are the new clog of corruption. High court and commercial court is a cash cow. Registers and Judges.

Well that’s up for determination in court, Taj Mall owners say Moi allocated it to them and under the old constitution he had the power to allocate public land to private citizens. Even election cycle Moi would meet our Kenyan/Asian brothers for harambees, money is given, instructions made, the get prime plots around the city just next to road junctions since they can put up buildings for businesses. Langata primary land, safaricom in westlands, Taj mall in outer ring etc.

Its not an easy explanation as you thought. Especially land. Most things in leadership is a choice of the bad, terrible and imaginable. You pick the lesser evil and move on.

Sinohydro are very incompetent. Mpaka wa leo hawajaweka lights kwa the entire road only posts.

Juzi na scooter yangu it was raining and the road is pitch black

A little bird tells me taj mall now airgate is now owned by CinC in waiting

Of course he is the biwott of this Era. Back in the day everything real or imaginary was blamed on him. Even when dairy cows don’t produce enough milk ilikuwa Biwott fault. 99% of gossip is just that gossip.

What about this story of acquiring 680 hotel and demolishing simmers?

Very fake. He is very polished for that beside he is a builder not a buyer.

Certificate of Urgency? Given the scale & economic implications of these projects.

Courts are not solely to blame. G.o.K does some of its procurement so scandalously badly that is left open to legal action & frivolous law suits.

Simple things like Public paticipation are ignored halafu upate a keen judge who will cancel large tenders on such simple grounds.