Jubilee Development Corona edition

YES #RutoCares.

As others asked what he was doing with the money he gave Churches.

He activated his Church, Mosque and Political Network to distribute food in Nairobi, Kajiado and Kiambu Counties.

As of Sunday, 40,122 families had benefitted.

This does not stop with Covid.

Post Covid it turns to a School feeding programme, where families get food from their children in schools.

The WsR associated School feeding programme has been going on for TWO years now.

Logistical support by Mama Rachel Ruto


Itumbi mbona ulifukuzwa state house

Ruto should be beyond this…you should be telling us how he has negotiated for a covid relief fund with some multilateral organization…isn’t he a co principal?

If there was no corruption & stupidity they would not need the sorry donations

He has been shunted aside remember.
Handshake people call the shots now.
Man’s under siege. Curfew ndo zake sahii

dude the ICD was inspected today and this is what you’re paying attention to?

Don’t know how many times we shall sing this song. He is not supposed to do anything or say anything without the boss’s permission yet he is the elected Deputy PORK.

This is v good. He reached out to the poor with a meal, a proper meal unlike what we saw the other day…disorganised chaos, bloodshed, coz biscuits and juice were being delivered…just imagine what would happen if Jakuon got into SH…woooooooooooooooi sisi kwisha.

Mtu afanye pahali ataweza

kazi safi

Well organized distribution of reliefs, sio kama ya muganga where safaras r sacrificed

We want nets to catch our own fish tumechoka na handouts.

As much as I appreciate his contribution, we Vumbistanis should not be lied to by cheap PR from politicians such as Singh or Mganga. We should be wiser by now.
All of them have contributed one way or another to the position we are in out of selfseeking, growing discord among the masses and utter impunity.

Hiyo ndio kitu inauma his supporters sana. RAT was re-donating bidco expired sodas to hungry people as his own contribution. The same donations bidco had given government as its contribution to corona relief fund. Mean, selfish and deceitful.

DP Uncle Ruto has been silently distributing this 40,000 corona relief hampers donations in Kajiado, Nairobi and Kiambu counties for 4 weeks now. Area MPs, MCA, Church and Mosque leaders. All grassroots drive. Target is all informal slums in those counties.

Masks, cooking fat, rice, unga ugali, unga ngano, beans, tea leaves, ndengu and a token to buy gas or whatever you use for fire.

Mwizi wa Mali ya umma.

Why should he be getting out the begging bowl that’s very retrogressive thinking , we should be thinking of using our own resources to mitigate this crisis, like he’s doing.
BTW we in the opposition have agreed that he’s been pushed out and RAT is co principal but guess what? All government’s poor policies will be blamed on… On that KeRAT:D:D

Some people over here can get you really cracked up, celebrating over a successful begging bowl activity.
As much as helping people is noble, c’mon, by now we should be way over this pissing contest between leaders.