Jubilee Development - Construction Inspection of Gati Iguru-Ithanga-Mithini-Kirimiri-Gakungu-Makuyu-Kamahuha-Mbombo Roads.

Construction Inspection of Gati Iguru-Ithanga-Mithini-Kirimiri-Gakungu-Makuyu-Kamahuha-Mbombo Roads.


It’s Gatî iguru.
Otherwise the way you put it sounds vulgar.

What’s wrong with this site, pictures aren’t loading. Its developing PMS like bitter RAT supporters.

Nyumbani kwetu. We continue to thank the Supreme Almighty God for his small as well as his mighty mercies!

But as concerning the quality of the work done… The pictures speak for themselves!!!


Gati gaku karî igûrû mûno!

Kwenyu ni gati iguru ama mbombo?:D:D:D

Good riding roads.

Mbombo kwa ndizi

Hopefully what is in the pics is not the final product.
Very thin layer of tarmac, no pedestrian walkway, no bicycle lane(especially when you consider huku ni mashinani) kienyejily done drainage, a very narrow bridge which looks black spotty, generally a very thin road so dont expect a road shoulder. Basically an inferior road.

who designs roads like this in Kenya, mediocre standards…ama pesa za drainage na shoulders zimeenda kwa mfuko ya mtu. This is just pathetic because in a span of 3 years, this road will be full of potholes

Why are the D class roads constructed like this? But it’s a slight improvement to the murram that was previously there.


Yes your concern is valid. This is an inspection tour so contractor has to rectify the queries before its handed over as completed.

Happy New Year.

iyo parapara ya fedha to nyayo is shiet! chupilee ingilia kati

Happy New year to you too Arap.

Which side of Jubilee did this road?

A. Ulevi Coalition
B. Arap Cholera Bin TangaTanga Crew
C. Handchieth Raira

We had a similar road constructed by the colonialist in 1950, it was torn apart by elnino in 97. A 2 inch tarmac road.

Ubaya wa barabara za kujengwa kisiasa and other vested expedient interests ni kuwa, when the prevailing political hegemony becomes disinterested with your region ama the winds of politics starts blowing towards elsewhere, you will be left on your own in the cold. So if the initial works were shoddy you will wish the road was never tarmaced in the first place! We have the Uplands to Githunguri road, the Kimende to Kagwi… Hizo barabara huwa mbaya mpaka residents wanapanda ndizi barabarani na hazitengenezwi ng’o! Meanwhile, if you consult the books unapata ziko classified as tarmaced roads.