Jubilee Development - Completed Nuno - Modogashe Road linking Garissa and Wajir counties

Nuno - Modogashe Road ( Opening up the North Eastern Region to the world)

When will u build the garissa - sangailu - hulugho - kismayu road

when will you go back to Somalia?

Umenote nimeuliza the road iishie kismayu Somalia .

Manze you guys have occupied Somalia hadi inabidi mtujengee barabara

Opened the video to see the road lakini, naona mdomo tu ikiongea.
They should learn to use drones to show these road projects…
Good job, more of north Kenya roads should be developed to open up those areas and improve living standards of the locals there…

Meffi, bado uko. Angalia umesahau kutumia multi handles. I have seen strange behavior here and sick people but I couldn’t believe even you can have a stalker. There are now two fake Arabs in this forum.

On your question. Don’t worry we superior Bantus and Nilotes will build you that road for the fake Arabs. Atakama in loan itajengwa na tutalipa. What I know is that Kshs 10 billion for Isiolo-Wajir-Mandera is available from world bank. Tendering should be anytime now. Kerra will build the road from Wajir to Liboi at the border to Somali.

We will let the Arabs build them

ask the arab league hahaha