Jubilee Development - Commissioning Lamu port Police station and housing

LAPSSET Lamu Port Police Housing designed and developed by the State Department of Public works and handed over to Kenya Ports Authority and National Police for occupation @NEPADKenya @Kenya_Ports @NPSOfficial_KE @TransportKE @pstransportke https://t.co/G3KZ4IPNMm

The Police officers were given the keys to move in immediately.
Lamu Port Police Station
Previously the officers lived in tents.

Looks very good.

fery nice, napemda sanaaaa

Venye najua pamba watapeana tu ndo waendelee kuishi kwa sky plast

Yenyewe they deserve good housing

Apart from VAT and the occasional import duty when i decide to upgrade my jalopy every once in a while, I will never pay taxes in this cursed country, despite the fact that i comfortably make over $3000 per month. Ata nimetoka ku file returns za 2018 saa hii. Ngamia hizi!

we need more of those

What took so long?

These were complete back in 2014…

Wait , hawakusema police waishi na civilians huku inje ?

Cheza chini , mumunya humble pie bila kupiga tarumbeta.

Now that’s the police station to posted at. Iko chonjo. Houses are good but they could have used more of the aerial space.

Lakini after all that investment in the houses that look very good, they could not at least pave the walk ways - imagine matope then get into those nice tiles, those grout lines will be discolored in no time.

Basic pavements zingesaidia sana - but at least the police have houses now, which is a good thing.

Jameni this is an on-going project. Hata perimeter wall bado lakini siyo kusema hazitajengwa…

just saw the ‘and handed over’ part and thought they are through with it, I know at times when contractors hand over the project it can be hard to follow them up to finish, I visited the ruai police project and I think they left a few things pending - but thats just the pessimist me, lakini I agree its a good initiative especially for the officers, nothing good like going home to a decent roof over your head and not worrying that some animal will crawl into your tent at night.