Jubilee Development Christmas Edition -Introducing Mombasa Likoni Gate Bridge by PPP

@KeNHAKenya with support from JICA is undertaking a feasibility and design study of the Mombasa Gate Bridge (Likoni Bridge).


JICA have been wise in their present and future plans. Instead of just building a bridge across Likoni at the ferry site and grapple with expensive land acquisition they stepped back and picked another site where it will take minimum disruptions. Instead of just a bridge, they will now build a dualled link road all the way from Dongo Kungu southern bypass to Mombasa Island through the proposed Mombasa Likoni Gate Bridge. Total length is 10.4 Kms 4 lane bypass road with a median for future mass transport corridor.
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this one should be a positive news

Seems things will be nice once the project is done. Thumbs up JICA n KeNHA

Bwana @spear , whenever I can I share your posts with my father, an Engineer trained in the 60s.
Very strangely he gives me background on road projects being done now, whose studies he did in the 70s.
And this includes that road that bypasses Kericho and tokelezeas at Muhoroni.
I was reading through his notes the other day and realized sisi hatujui.

I hope the japs will work quickly. They’ve taken forever with Ngong Road and also took forever with the missing link hapo kile.

Hii iko tu sawa.

There are a lot of projects that have collected dust for a while. Saa hii we are trying to catch up. That fort tennan road through back routes of Kericho was halted in Kanu era since top Kipsigis kanu leaders had properties, businesses and petrol stations on the main Kericho-Kisumu road. Another route would hurt them so it was shelved. Lappset and building another railway (which become SGR) was first mentioned in Parliament by the late Tom Mboya.

Yaani we’re 50 years behind

We used to drive that Fort Ternan route when it was a kichochoro.
Weaponised politics is very bad.

Do i read that you mean they are being implemented many years after their conceptualization.That the old engineers did some proper planning which is falling into place one by one

Yes. Weaponised politics.

I have heard before that subways had been planned for in Nairobi but I don’t know how true that is.

Yes, during the SGR Madaraka Express Launch, a board member of Lappset gave a speech detailing how late we are in building our infrastructure projects. He said categorically that a nation can’t peg its economy on one single route (single carriageway) and one single port as the backbone of the nation and region. If anything stops it for a day nearly 100 million people are potential at risk. For security and economical needs we need to rave up infrastructure projects to provide more linkages locally and internationally to prosper.

Apparently one retired kplc engineer was telling me about the GDC Plant in Nakuru and how it was planned for many years back (in the 60s).Ohhh my

Pardon my indifference but, Honestly, the Likoni crossing song has been sung as far back as 1984. Same players (JICA), same tune (blablabla we need x billions), different conductor (CiC of the day).

How much will it cost we the taxpayers?

Why not pick from all these prior studies and build the damn bridge already? Ama utasema plate techtonics happened?


The economy of Kenya at the time was small and Treasury collections limited how much we could borrow as external development loans. For most part we depended on tokens and grants. Once former President Kibaki took power he raved up tax collections. In 10 years we moved from 300 billion to 1 trillion. That has now allowed us to borrow more development loans. We are now at 1.5 trillion despite missing targets every year but we still collect 13% more every year. If our economy continues to grow over 5% for another 5 years plus the increased infrastructure spend, increased FDI’s and vibrant private sector then Kenya will soar. What I appreciate is that President Uhuru wants to complete his second term concentrating with the poor. Upgrade all slums countrywide with prefab high rise houses, universal healthcare, free primary/secondary education and complete all the infrastructure projects from power, water, roads, rail, ports etc.

Nice stuff. I like this. Clap clap clap.

@Meria Mata hebu cheki hii route.

It is clear that the UhuRuto generation has totally overhauled the meaning of development in Kenya and Africa, chucking the old idea that great engineering projects could only emanate from paternalistic World Bank/IMF sources. They are looking East and also acknowledging the vast talent that has developed locally. We can see that they absorbed Kibaki’s lessons and more.

And most of the land required for them were acquired and paid for…

Thank so much from bringing this up. What people forget is that even the tramps were determined by the British and Kenyan officials in the 60s not to mention that the issue of drainage was raised as early as the 60s and Nairobi was to be moved to Limuru.