Jubilee Development - CDF General Samson Mwathethe launches KDF new helicopters

Chief of the Defence Forces General Samson Mwathethe presides over the commissioning of modern generation attack helicopters in Embakasi, Nairobi. The purchase of the helicopters fixed with contemporary airborne and armament systems is part of the KDF modernisation programme.

Hii si msahada kutoka US?

I don’t want to criticize this but this was a raw deal in this modern time.

Didnt someone post this? Ah well,another day ,another coma

Ok. No more hiding in the grass

Those bees will be useful in doing what?
US kama wako serious watupatie kitu kama hii yenye al shaitan wakiskia mgurumo yake ikikuja wanahara.[ATTACH=full]282489[/ATTACH]

We have cobras nigga. Though not that version…


Hatufiki bei ya Apache saa hii

Al Shabaab still crossing the border at will and pulling Non Somali Kenyans out of buses and slaughtering them with the occasional bombing attacks

Nice choppers though.

How is it a raw deal. Remember, it’s men who fight not equipment

We also have MI24s

That’s kind of Uncle Sam

Wakenya kuna shida.

Yaani the chief of staff is the one unveiling 3 cheap choppers. And hadi he gave a speech?

Mediocrity is now our gold standard it seems.

This should be a 5 minutes unveiling job for a captain on a small non descript airbase

No sir,we do not own mi24s
Beats logic that we’d buy from Russia with uncle Sam being our main military ally
Besides,wikipedia disagrees with your sentiments
Mil Mi-24 - Wikipedia

I’d rather we buy the Russian KA-52 and as well as the Mi-28 gunship.

With those units Alshabab hiding and creeping in bonobo forest will be mince meat for the worms.

A Look at KDF’s Mi-28 Havoc Attack Helicopters Delivered from Russia – Strategic Intelligence Service
Have a look

Kenyans are a sick lot, the comments in this tweet, oh oh!

Apache is expensive to buy, maintain and arm. Netherlands has grounded its Apache fleet. It also takes longer to train its pilots since its harder to fly though the new version has been reconfigured to reduce the workload. Lastly the procedure to buy it takes years to get senate approvals.

This new MD 530F helicopters were bought because our current fleet of MD 500F have reached their service limit.

The current KDF 500F helicopter

Its replacement KDF 530F helicopter

What KDF needs is a gunship, the best workforce multirole, cheap to buy, maintain, arm and easy to pilot is the Russian Mi-35. Its also heavily armoured and carries the biggest payload of guns, rockets and missiles. ISIS in Syria ran each time it showed up.

Her nickname is the hind (nato reporting name)

Reminds me of Rambo III