Jubilee Development - B54 Eldoret to Kaptagat 30 Kms Uasin Gishu-Elgeiyo Marakwet counties

New section spans between Kapsoya estate in Eldoret and Brockley primary school in Kaptagat. Its a nice scenic route linking Uasin Gishu to Elgeyo Marakwet county.
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Hebu leta memo from Jubilee Headquarters authorising you posting this!

Mumeambiwa mkunje mkia until further notice hahaha

Kuna mahali hapo along hio barabara DP and CS Rotich wako maboma

Their is a section of road that branches from this road leading to DP Uncle Ruto farm. However this road is primarily to connect Eldoret to Chepkorio-Nyaru in Elgeiyo Marakwet up to Ravine. CS Rotich is from Nandi county not here.

I used to live in Kaptagat in the early 80’s

a few moments later…

native son

I get it, but then hapo kwa Ruto ni Cs Mgani wako almost neigbours, the one who hosts agric field days?

@Chloe usijali, I have more pressing things in my mind like keeping the speaker volume digits at even numbers.

I don’t know, that I have to ask.

wow if i stepped on such a road with my twin turbo i would have a drivegasm .

As usual, kale land takes the cake is scenic beauty. Acham tugul!

waaaah…am just imagining that road while one is driving something like a VW GOLF GTI

Mr Singh mwenyewe ndo aliorganize hii deal kuna keja yake in between the route .